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If you are looking for a smartphone from BlackBerry, then there are the smart choice, because after the BlackBerry device released five new of Torch and Boldlines last monthResearch In Motion (RIM) today introduced threenew members of the BlackBerry Curve.
Besides using OS7the third BlackBerry Curve also featured an update on hardware such as processor, screen, storage capacityand support for NFC technology (Near Field Communications). In addition, users can also enjoy a 5 megapixel camera with a resolution of this smartphone. "The three new models will complement the success of the BlackBerry Curve line and increase the length of the list of the largest global launch of the BlackBerry smartphone we've ever done," said the President at the same time Co-CEO of RIM MikeLazaridis cited Crackberry. 

"The new BlackBerry Curve is amazing and offers significantlyimproved performanceplus the mobile experience for users offeature phones as well as those who already have the previousCurve," added Lazaridis.

The predecessors to the Curve 9360 (the 8520 and 9300) performed well for RIM not only in developing markets where entry-level prices are a necessity, but also here in North America where many folks didn’t care about horsepower, they just knew that they wanted a BlackBerry. Of course, now with Android reaching into the lower-end of smartphones, competition is likely to heat up. I’ll be curious to see if the “Liquid Graphics” engine in OS 7 is enough to make even a modest phone like the 9360 shine in comparisons.BlackBerry Curve 93509360 and 9370 reportedly will begin tobe marketed in Canada in late Augustbefore other countriesfollowed in September. At first glancethis is the third smartphone looks similarBut all three have slightly different associated network used. 

BlackBerry Curve 9350 using CDMA network with 512MB RAMand 512MB of storage capacityWhile the BlackBerry Curve9360 running on GSM networks UMTS Tri-Band / Quad-BandEDGE and have the RAM and storage capacity equal to 9350. Meanwhile, the BlackBerry Curve 9370 running on the networkCDMA / EVDO / EDGE Quad-Band with 512MB RAM andstorage capacity up to 1GB.BlackBerry Apollo is affordable and suitable for use by men and women who are active in the middle of a busy business life and social activities and entertainment you will be more enjoyable.
 As previously launched five devicesthe BlackBerry Curve 9350,9360 and 9370 also has brought the latest operating system OS7