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Nikon Rumors presents Nikon D5500

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Nikon D5500 rumors. Image:
If you want to look for a DSLR camera in the the entry level category, especially for novice photographers, it seems quarter 2015 you will get good news. Although it has been rumored in various sites, Nikon will launch a new digital SLR camera which is very likely given the name as Nikon D5500 with a little surprise.

Nikon D5500 will feature a touch screen and will continue to be based around an APS-C sized sensor. The D5500 will replace the D5300. Probably Nikon will skip the D5400 model name to avoid using the number four, which is Asian companies often refuse to use because of superstitions associated with it. The Nikon D5500 is obviously the next DSLR with an APS-C sensor. Meanwhile in the nikonrumors site, there is no concrete indication of the other features you'll find on the D5500. The upcoming camera may feature a new DX format sensor.