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Motorola Droid 5 with QWERTY keypad and anti-dust features

Motorola Droid 5 with QWERTY keypad and anti-shock features

Motorola Droid Figure 5 appears surprising on the internet. Motorola Droid 5 made ​​with a slider with a QWERTY keypad. As reported by Engadget, with a sliding keyboard and the possibility of improved hardware, is expected to have increased rather than preceding series. It is said that the latest smartphone is reinforced with NFC, wireless charging support, as well as tough, even reinforced with anti-shock features, anti-dust and water.

Motorola Droid 5, QWERTY keypad, slider, smartphone, anti dust, anti water, anti-shock features
Motorola Droid 5. Image:
QWERTY keypad is now less popular than full touch screen. No wonder if the mobile phone with QWERTY design was found in less crowded market. But this does not mean the smartphone manufacturers stopped to spawn QWERTY phone design.

This smartphone will use a 4.3 to 4.5 inches. Leaked images also display the logo of Verizon 4G LTE. In addition, this latest smartphone also has a rear camera that is supported by features of flash light.

QWERTY keyboard on the Droid has a 5 row button 5. The rest, information regarding this handset is still very minimal. Motorola is expected to reveal details of the Droid 5 information in the near future. Maybe you need a little patience to find out the details of the latest Droid.

Are smartphone with QWERTY keypad slider style will attract the attention of the gadget enthusiast? Perhaps users are trouble with a full touchscreen will consider this unique product. How about you?

Can Motorola Droid 5 compete with Sony Xperia, HTC One, Oppo Find 7 or Samsung Galaxy series?

The new MacBook Pro is powered by an Intel Haswell

Intel has launched the 4th generation processor, code-named Haswell. This processor was warmly welcomed by the company that makes notebooks and laptops. Apple MacBook Pro also immediately brings to the uses of Intel Haswell. You will find on the market in October 2013, there are even rumors that the MacBook Pro Haswell be launched in September 2013.
New MacBook Pro Haswell, Intel Haswell processors, new laptop
The artis impresion of MacBook Pro HaswellImage:
Can Apple faces other manufacturers such as Acer, Dell, Sony, Fujitsu, Toshiba, HP and Lenovo, as well as Asus is known to be very active to make new breakthroughs. Apple does have a loyal and rabid fans, but other manufacturers will surely tempt gadget enthusiast, and a new laptop users with a variety of innovations, designs, unique features and a more affordable price.
Steve Jobs, Apple, MacBook Pro Haswell, Intel Haswell, new MacBook Pro
Steve Jobs and his Apple. Image:
Apple's good to start learning to make products that can be received by users who are crazy about the style of Android or Windows 8. Will Apple do it? With the experience that BlackBerry, then Apple should be able to bring a new Steve Jobs, to make innovations with more unique features and functional at the same time.

The new MacBook Pro will be using the retina display screen and has a Full HD camera with a thinner casing shape than the previous model, however the future of non-Retina and hard disk-based MacBook Pros remains unclear. MacBook with Haswell processors will appear with 11 and 13 inch screens. Rumored Apple's latest product offers Wi-Fi and faster graphics.
New Intel Haswell, New MacBook Pro Haswell, Apple, iPhone
The style of MacBook Pro Haswell. Image:
Gossip about a change in the specifications of the Intel Ivy Bridge to Haswell is going to make a lot of MacBook Pro users get ready for an upgrade of the previous device. They will want a more powerful MacBook Pro and have better battery life than the MacBook Pro on the market today.

Also reported at the time of the launch of the MacBook Pro, then Apple will also launch two new iPhone models. Are you going to buy a new MacBook Pro or you will replace your smartphone with the new iPhone?

Lenovo K900 comparison with the Samsung Galaxy S4

Lenovo K900, Lenovo IdeaPhone, new Lenovo, smartphone
Lenovo K900. Image:
If you've been fascinated with the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S4, then you should think again. Lenovo K900 is said to have defeated the Galaxy S4. This is evident in a benchmark test performed on IdeaPhone Lenovo K900 handset prove good performance. AnTuTu Benchmark test results of the application made ​​to the business class scored high at number 25827. Value is even higher than the scores obtained 10,000 competitors weigh the HTC Droid DNA or the Galaxy Note II.

Samsung Galaxy S4 also loses points when compared with the Lenovo K900. Galaxy S4 has a higher spec that the quad-core Snapdragon processor-and Octa-core Exynos 5, whereas IdeaPhone While Lenovo K900 carrying the + Intel Atom Clover Trail-powered dual-core 2GHz, 2GB RAM combined. The handset is equipped with 16 GB of storage space area without Micro SD space provided.

Main Features of Lenovo K900
Lenovo K900 VS Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S4, Lenovo K900, new smartphone
Lenovo K900 VS Samsung Galaxy S4. Image:
Display: IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 5.5-inch Full HD 1080p resolution (401 ppi pixel density), Corning Gorilla Glass 2
Hardware: Intel Clover Trail Atom Z2580 + Dual Core 2 GHz, PowerVR SGX GPU 544MP2, 2 GB RAM
Memory: Internal 16 GB, 32 GB MicroSD Slot
Camera: 13 MP, (autofocus, LED flash Features Geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection) plus a 2 MP front camera.

Lenovo K900 is reinforced with Clover Trail Intel Atom Z2580 + 2 GHz Dual Core processor managed to beat force carried by SGS4, incredible, though Lenovo Dual Core processor, while the Samsung Galaxy S4 Quad Core processor.
Intel Atom processor, snapdragon, quad core, dual core processor
Lenovo K900Image:

 Besides Intel processors are also robust in power usage also smaller, averaging 0.85 Amphere, more efficient than the Exynos Samsung Galaxy S4 belongs Octa (1.38 Amphere) and Qualcomm APQ8064T belongs Nexus 7 and 10 (1.79 Amphere) . With this performance, Lenovo should be proud to win in some aspects.

Lenovo K900 physical appearance also looks more stylish and luxurious than the Samsung Galaxy S4. You can look at the picture in this article. Lenovo K900 is packed with so much solid metal material, while the Samsung Galaxy S4 feels very plastic, while this Korean products more expensive than the Lenovo K900.

If you are very concerned with affordable price but still want to have a cutting edge product, then you will definitely choose the Lenovo K900 because it is cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S4. Are you going to drop the option on the Lenovo or other smartphones such as BlackBerry, Samsung, LG or Oppo Find 7, the Lenovo K900 will also be included in your choice.

Hyundai MultiCAV Q6 smartphone with large screen

Are you going to replace your smartphone with a new product with a larger screen? We understand that Samsung has launched Samsung mega with 6.3-inch screen size, as well as Sony XL39H with a 6:44-inch screen and Huawei Ascend Mate with a screen size of 6.1 inches. Now you will be surprised by the other Korean products, Hyundai. Hyundai names are certainly you know as the famous car manufacturer with very good sales in big cities the world. The fierce competition will happen on a smartphone the large screen size.
New Hyundai MultiCAV Q6, new smartphone, android phone
Hyundai MultiCAV Q6 with penImage:

Hyundai MultiCAV Q6 is a Korean brand smartphone manufactured in China with a 6-inch screen size, but what's interesting is that the screen is able to read posts of users through the elegant pen. The design is similar to the Samsung Galaxy.

 Although the user interface is almost identical to the Hyundai Samsung Galaxy Note, so some people might think of it as the Samsung Galaxy Note. If you are more observant, then you will know this is a smartphone Hyundai MultiCAV Q6 a smartphone with Android operating system.

This smartphone is equipped with a 6-inch screen LCD HD resolution, 1280 × 720 - with 244 PPI, and with very high degree of accuracy. Hyundai Multi CAV Q6 has a stylus that can be used for certain operations.
New Hyundai MultiCAV Q6, Android smartphone, large screen
New Hyundai smartphone, MultiCAV Q6. Image:

If you buy this smartphone then you can use the rear camera with resolusi13 megapixel camera with flash. The phone is powered by a quad-core chipset support for 3G WCDMA, and comes over the card slot support GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and battery pack with 2050mAh capacity, weighing about 180 grams. 

Are you going to entrust Hyundai as your business friends in the field of communications and digital entertainment? Why not? We still remember when Samsung first came up with the product cellular phone and digital cameras, it is doubtful, however, proved to Samsung is the main challenger to the iPhone, iPad and almost all gadgets from famous brands, even the FBI chose the Samsung Galaxy to be used by staff and his agents. Perhaps Hyundai will follow Samsung's success in the digital world. Are you going to give a chance?