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The new MacBook Pro is powered by an Intel Haswell

Intel has launched the 4th generation processor, code-named Haswell. This processor was warmly welcomed by the company that makes notebooks and laptops. Apple MacBook Pro also immediately brings to the uses of Intel Haswell. You will find on the market in October 2013, there are even rumors that the MacBook Pro Haswell be launched in September 2013.
New MacBook Pro Haswell, Intel Haswell processors, new laptop
The artis impresion of MacBook Pro HaswellImage:
Can Apple faces other manufacturers such as Acer, Dell, Sony, Fujitsu, Toshiba, HP and Lenovo, as well as Asus is known to be very active to make new breakthroughs. Apple does have a loyal and rabid fans, but other manufacturers will surely tempt gadget enthusiast, and a new laptop users with a variety of innovations, designs, unique features and a more affordable price.
Steve Jobs, Apple, MacBook Pro Haswell, Intel Haswell, new MacBook Pro
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Apple's good to start learning to make products that can be received by users who are crazy about the style of Android or Windows 8. Will Apple do it? With the experience that BlackBerry, then Apple should be able to bring a new Steve Jobs, to make innovations with more unique features and functional at the same time.

The new MacBook Pro will be using the retina display screen and has a Full HD camera with a thinner casing shape than the previous model, however the future of non-Retina and hard disk-based MacBook Pros remains unclear. MacBook with Haswell processors will appear with 11 and 13 inch screens. Rumored Apple's latest product offers Wi-Fi and faster graphics.
New Intel Haswell, New MacBook Pro Haswell, Apple, iPhone
The style of MacBook Pro Haswell. Image:
Gossip about a change in the specifications of the Intel Ivy Bridge to Haswell is going to make a lot of MacBook Pro users get ready for an upgrade of the previous device. They will want a more powerful MacBook Pro and have better battery life than the MacBook Pro on the market today.

Also reported at the time of the launch of the MacBook Pro, then Apple will also launch two new iPhone models. Are you going to buy a new MacBook Pro or you will replace your smartphone with the new iPhone?

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