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Notebook Tips

With so many options available in the market, of course requires you to be smart and observant choose the most suitable notebook or appropriate for your needs. The definition fits between people with each other certainly different. Including the right for me, not necessarily well suited for you.

I'll give some tips on choosing a good notebook, appropriate or can accommodate all your wishes. But before you continue reading this article, if you're still confused or can not distinguish between notebooks with netbooks, please read my first article "Computers and the phone of the future like what?"

Here are tips on choosing a notebook:

Processor as the brains of the computer that determines the speed of access to a computer is an important factor that you should see. However, should the processor specs you'll want to adjust to the needs or applications that you will use later. Performance standards for the current processor is a type of Celeron or Core Duo. This type of processor is sufficient for the use of internet and office applications. But when you use the computer for a higher purpose such as for graphic design, video editing and gaming, choose a high-performance processors such as the type of Centrino, Core 2 Duo, or output the latest Intel Core type series I like i7, i5, and I3.

Memory or RAM (random acces memory), the greater memorynya the sooner it will be the performance of a notebook. For the use of standards, with a capacity of 1Gb of memory is more than enough. But whenever possible, use a larger capacity, especially for design activities, games, and video editing.

One advantage compared to a desktop PC is a notebook with the power batteray dilengkapinya as its power supply. The higher durability of a notebook batteray the better. In general, endurance batteray notebook range between 2-3 hours. If you frequently mobile with your notebook then the choice of notebooks with durability batteray long enough to be very suitable for you. In the market there are batteraynya notebook can hold up to 8 hours. Example Timeline Acer notebook series.

Display Screen. 
There are two choices of notebook screens. Namely standard and wide screen models (wide angle). Options with a wide screen is now more popularly used in notebooks. For the resolution, the format used is generally at least 1024x 768, especially for the website display.

Hard drive. 
What kind of data that you will create and store in a notebook, will determine the required capacity. If just a working document file, hard disk with a capacity of 80Gb is enough. But if you are fond of storing MP3 files, video-Youtube vedeo, and photos, look for hard drive with more capacity again.

Optical Disk Drive. 
Optical Drive that serves as an alternative storage media also need to consider. With a choice of CD / DVD writer, but lets you play the disc data, it also helps you expand the hard drive space by moving or backing up old data into the form of discs CD / DVD.

 It is important also that you must check. The existence of connections such as USB ports, Bluetooth, LAN port, and WiFi will greatly help the user to interact with the device or network computing. For mobile computing needs, WiFi would be mandatory because it lets you access the Internet in the hotspots are now widely available for free on the Mall, CafĂ©, or your campus area for example.

Operating System. 
You need to ask whether the purchase was a notebook with the operating systemnya include anything yet because sales of notebooks on the market are not included with the operating systemnya alias sold separately. And the choice of what operating system should be used of course very relative.

 If you need an easy to operate and the most commonly used, use the Windows OS is sufficient. But if you need a reliable notebook OS, can be settled on a Mac notebook or use a more secure Linux is famous for surfing the internet.

In addition to attention to the tips above, make sure you choose a notebook to suit your needs, whether for work, school, graphic design, games, business presentations, budgets and mobility so that you are satisfied when using it.

If you're observant, you will find a notebook that combines elements of businessand entertainment. You should spend enough time to compare various optionsnotebooks on the market before you buy it.

There are many choices of notebooks and laptops and even tablet PCs on the market that can be your considerationPerhaps the latest trend is so rampant on the Internet Ultrabook promotion and a variety of media and computer exhibition in your town will transform you from a notebook or laptop useras a user of Ultrabook?