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Asi Ability: Ms Office, Open Office Home Edition Alternative Software

You’ve finally decided to start looking for an alternative to your pricey Microsoft software package. Maybe you’re tired of paying a hefty fee for the simple right to use it on one (and only one!) PC. Or perhaps you just want to embrace change and discover a new way to get your work accomplished. Regardless of your reasons, you should keep several things in mind when looking for a different software package from the MS-based one you currently run.

In this article, we’ll look at several considerations that are important to making a wise decision when it comes to moving from Microsoft to another software:

1. How Much Does It Cost?

Obviously, if the MS Office alternative you’re considering costs more than a similar Microsoft package, it won’t be worth it. So make sure you know up front if there are any hidden fees. For instance, even if it claims to be cheaper than MS Office, if you wind up having to pay extra over time for standard features, it may not turn out to be a deal at all.

2. Will the Alternative to MS Office Work with Your Current Docs?

You probably have hundreds (if not thousands) of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., files. This means that you’ll need to find an alternative to MS Office that will allow you to have access to your files for years to come. After all, if you can’t open up your docs, you’ll have a problem.

3. Will You Get Great Customer Service?

Although not everyone is fond of Microsoft’s customer service policy, some same people at least know that there IS one. So when searching for a MS Office alternative, ask your potential supplier how you can get help if you need it. For instance, Ability Office software has a reputation for treating their customers exceptionally well, offering round-the-clock help via telephone and email, which speaks highly of their organization and the assistance you’ll receive.
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4. Does the MS Alternative Perform Well?

As you know, a bargain isn’t a bargain if it doesn’t work as intended. Platforms like Open Office software may be free, but they aren’t known for being easy-to-use and free of bugs and glitches. If your MS alternative doesn’t deliver superb performance, you need to find one that does, like Ability Office.

5. Does Your MS Alternative Offer What You Need?

Most individuals and companies do not simply require word processing software – they need a software package that can perform many functions. Therefore, any alternative to MS Office needs to be well-rounded and comprehensive.

6. Has the Company Been in Business a While?

Don’t allow yourself to invest in fly-by-night alternatives to Microsoft. Look for a company with a proven track record. Case in point – in July 2008, Ability Office software was reviewed by respected Computeractive whose journalists gave Ability a high ranking for its longevity on the market as well as its dependability. Look for those kinds of accolades which indicate an organization’s reputation in the industry.

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