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Digital Holiday

Tips and solutions so that you do not lose data during your vacation.
Holidays would be fun if you do good preparation. Suppose you want to follow the Tour with travel agents or with family. Do not forget to bring a camera with the aim of going to collect good photos.

Your fun will begin when you arrive at your holiday vacation and documented. In addition to money and medicine, the camera is a gadget that should be mandatory when you take a vacation. The camera can be a still-image camera or a video camera, digital or analog.
And ... If the digital camera into your top choice, I want to give some tips to consider:
 1. Choose a digital camera that is not too hard to use, such as point and shoot (pocket size camera) or entry-level DSLR camera. Now there is also another alternative, namely Micro Four Third cameras or mirror less camera.

2. Maintain your battery’s life, and always carry a spare battery. You will not want the important moments that you want to capture just disappear because the battery is out. In cold weather always keep your batteries warm, e.g. by keeping it close to your body. Do not forget to bring your battery in fully charged condition at the time to start a holiday.

3. Remember wearing a waterproof camera bag and resistant to impact so your camera and lenses safe and not easily damaged.

4. Data Storage Media: use large-capacity memory card if necessary. The greater the resolution of your camera, the greater the memory capacity you need. Use a memory card that has a good speed so fast when you take pictures and transmit data to other media.

5. When making replacement lenses, especially those of you who carry a camera or digital SLR camera lenses less mirror can be exchanged and replaced with another lens, so be careful when changing your camera lens.
Do not let dust blocking your camera sensor. Clean with a special tool, not with tissue paper carelessly because besides hurting your camera lens, also can damage the sensor.

6. Move the data, do not let your data pile up too long in the memory card. After use, if possible, immediately move your data to CD or laptop. 
Always start the holidays by bringing an additional memory card to be empty.
7. When you vacation at the beach, lake or waterfall, try the camera so that is not exposed to splashing water. Do not let the camera or lens you care fell into the river or sea water. When that happens, your camera or lens is broken, and difficult to repair.

8. If you are in crowded places like markets, shops or other crowded places, liver careful because there may be pickpockets who are interested to take your camera without official permission from you. If that happens, you not only lose the camera, then you will lose photo memories stored in the memory card.

Congratulations and enjoy your vacation, I hope your holidays enjoyable and full of happy memories.