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Hyundai MultiCAV Q6 smartphone with large screen

Are you going to replace your smartphone with a new product with a larger screen? We understand that Samsung has launched Samsung mega with 6.3-inch screen size, as well as Sony XL39H with a 6:44-inch screen and Huawei Ascend Mate with a screen size of 6.1 inches. Now you will be surprised by the other Korean products, Hyundai. Hyundai names are certainly you know as the famous car manufacturer with very good sales in big cities the world. The fierce competition will happen on a smartphone the large screen size.
New Hyundai MultiCAV Q6, new smartphone, android phone
Hyundai MultiCAV Q6 with penImage:

Hyundai MultiCAV Q6 is a Korean brand smartphone manufactured in China with a 6-inch screen size, but what's interesting is that the screen is able to read posts of users through the elegant pen. The design is similar to the Samsung Galaxy.

 Although the user interface is almost identical to the Hyundai Samsung Galaxy Note, so some people might think of it as the Samsung Galaxy Note. If you are more observant, then you will know this is a smartphone Hyundai MultiCAV Q6 a smartphone with Android operating system.

This smartphone is equipped with a 6-inch screen LCD HD resolution, 1280 × 720 - with 244 PPI, and with very high degree of accuracy. Hyundai Multi CAV Q6 has a stylus that can be used for certain operations.
New Hyundai MultiCAV Q6, Android smartphone, large screen
New Hyundai smartphone, MultiCAV Q6. Image:

If you buy this smartphone then you can use the rear camera with resolusi13 megapixel camera with flash. The phone is powered by a quad-core chipset support for 3G WCDMA, and comes over the card slot support GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and battery pack with 2050mAh capacity, weighing about 180 grams. 

Are you going to entrust Hyundai as your business friends in the field of communications and digital entertainment? Why not? We still remember when Samsung first came up with the product cellular phone and digital cameras, it is doubtful, however, proved to Samsung is the main challenger to the iPhone, iPad and almost all gadgets from famous brands, even the FBI chose the Samsung Galaxy to be used by staff and his agents. Perhaps Hyundai will follow Samsung's success in the digital world. Are you going to give a chance?

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GPS not work.

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it seems to be the main problem with mtk(mediatek)cpu.the bad GPS performance