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Alienware M14x Laptop

If you are a true fan of games you do not have to worry anymore because without a desktop PC you can use a laptop to play games anytime, anywhere. You must already be familiar with the Alienware name, this name is a very tough brand of laptop.
Let’s play. Image:

Now Alienware M14x comes with the latest technology, highly aerodynamic design, equipped with LED Lighting System sophisticated and dynamic. You can choose black or red Ferrari.

The connectivity of this Alienware laptop has full connectivity, strong and durable battery. You can try the toughness of this laptop because it uses CPU Quad-core i7 8G of DDR3 1600 MHz made ​​by Intel, a 14-inch 1600 x 900 HD Plus, and NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M graphics with dedicated 3 GB, 750 GB SATA Hard Drive and a soft-touch finish-backlit keyboard. This laptop can be said to be comfortable and resilient for use to play for a long time.
Are you ready to play? Image:

True gamers would love to use this Alienware laptop because it uses exclusive features, namely, LED Lighting System divides this laptop into nine zones including the Alienware logo, Alien Head, keyboard, touchpad, grills, and Wi-Fi/Caps lock Indicator.

Alienware laptop is also using the AlienFX software that can be easily accessed via the shortcut key, controls the tone and pulse of each zone, can identify profile theme from a variety of events, including movies, games, music and other applications according to your tastes.

The Nexus 10 Tablet

The search engine giant has teamed up with Samsung to make a new Tablet PC. PC tablet war has continued. iPad gets heavy competition. Is this going to be a heavy blow to the iPad? See, I invite Samsung competitor of Apple to make products that work similar to the iPad. Google has declared its Nexus 10 tablet. The Nexus 10 features a 10.1-inch PLS (plane-to-line switching) panel with 2,560x1, 600-pixel resolution, displaying 299 pixels per inch (ppi). This declaration comes not a week after Apple announced its fourth-generation iPad, which launches later this week with a lower 2,048x1, 536-pixel-resolution, 264ppi screen.

The resolution seems high compared to most tablets made by competitors. Better than the Retina Display on the iPad that bears a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels.

The Nexus 10 is produced by Samsung and houses the company’s new 1.7GHz dual-core Exynos 5250 processor, with ARM's Mali-T604 GPU. The tablet also ships with Android 4.2, contains 2GB of RAM, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC (near-field communication), micro USB, micro HDMI, a 1.9-megapixel front-facing camera and a  5-megapixel back camera with LED flash. The Nexus 10 will not include a micro SD slot.

Google's new product will be launched on 29 October in an event titled "Google Android event" in New York, in conjunction with the launch of the latest generation of Microsoft's mobile OS with Windows 8 in San Francisco. Products developed with the code "Samsung Manta" is going to be running the latest version of Google's OS Android.

The new features include enhancements to the functions of the camera, adding panorama mode, as well as other additional functions to beat Apple iOS6. Many analysts assume that Google will use this new Nexus product to promote other Android partners that currently challenge the dominance of Samsung.

You'll be able to get a Nexus 10 in two memory configurations starting on November 13: $399 for 16GB and $499 for 32GB. The tablet will be available in the Google Play store. 

In this tablet war, to whom will you side with?

Power Bank

Power Bank for traveler. Image:
Are you the user of gadgets, Smartphone such as BlackBerry, Nokia, iPhone or Tablet PC users like iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab or Notebook? If you are an active user of advanced technology devices, then you need the Power Bank. Do not let your work and business activities as well as the need to spend leisure time interrupted because your battery is not full. Running out of power also makes you lose the moment to read the E-Mail and important news on Tablet PC or your Smartphone. Power Bank also important for traveler.

Special tips before you buy:
Security Features 

Do not just consider the price and power capacity of the Power Bank; you must pay attention to the security features so that your gadget is not damaged. A very important feature is the short circuit protection. Feature to protect your gadgets in case of a short circuit. Another feature is the over-charging protection. This feature is important to protect your gadget from damage because of the charged too long. Make sure you've got the Power Bank official certificate such as UL certification.

Power capacity

There are generally two types of capacity Power Bank at online stores and conventional stores capacity 2600 mAh and 5200 mAh. If you simply need a power of 1200 mAh per day, then you can just buy 2600 alone. However, if you are particularly active, then you definitely need a larger capacity, 5200 mAh.
Power Bank for smartphone. Image:

Original connector

You will find several brands of Power Bank that offers excellence in their variety and connectors can be used for all the gadgets. It is true that there is Power Bank like that, but you have to put quality connector cable as a priority.
You should not ignore the importance of quality connectors, so you do not have problems in case of a short circuit. This can damage the battery and your gadgets. Make sure that the Power Bank that you will buy should also support the original connector cable default your gadget.

 Battery cells

Quality Power Bank is also determined by the quality of the battery cells. Why? Because this tool function is important to save a lot of power. If you have a good quality battery cells, the life time of Power Bank would also be very long. Usually the battery cells made ​​in Japan, the United States or Europe have high quality.

As a side note, you can now also buy Power Bank to support digital cameras, laptops and other gadgets. If you have a high quality Power Bank, then you will be comfortable and your gadget is safe from damage.