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Tips to protect the smart phone from viruses and intruders

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Smartphone is a computer, only smaller. Image:
Nowadays smartphones are really pocket-size computers, sexier design and can sending messages, capable of browsing the Web, making online purchases, managing bank accounts, games, play music and much more. 

As smartphones continue to progress and consumers continue to use them for everything from taking pictures of their kids in the park to managing their financial portfolios, viruses and hackers will continue to find new hunting grounds, and computer security software companies will continue to transform their mobile virus protection software. 

Smartphones are the new laptops – just with a smaller, so protecting your smartphone isn’t as simple as finding a durable case and buying a protection plan. Malware has seeped into smartphone software, making the default security settings, in most instances, a relatively unsafe operating environment. Similar to a laptop or PC, attack prevention is just as important as repairing your smartphone, should a security breach take place.

Sony Alpha 7 and Sony A7R world’s first full frame mirrorless camera

If you are looking a new digital camera with advanced feature set with extensive custom options and equipped with high quality electronic viewfinder, so  you should consider Sony Alpha 7 and Sony Alpha 7R, world’s first full-frame mirrorless cameras that rocked the photographic world. The Sony A7 comes in two varieties, one with a 24.3-million-pixel sensor and one (the Sony A7R) with a higher resolution, 36.4-million-pixel sensor and no anti-aliasing filter. Both cameras  comes with very promising new features dedication to video.

Sony Alpha 7 took everyone by surprise, offering full-frame resolution in a smaller body than its competitors. Sony A7 has the technological edge here, as it has a hybrid AF system with 117 phase-detection points and 25 contrast-detection points. Sony the A7R only has contrast-detection AF with 25 points. These cameras catapulted the mirrorless market into the forefront of technology for many MILC advocates.
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Sony Alpha 7 and Sony A7R. Image:

Leica C is a fancy camera with built-in Wi-Fi and NFC

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Leica C Dark Red and Light Gold. Image:
Discover Leica C a fancy camera for celebrity and serious photographer. 

Leica Camera AG (a German company) is known as the maker of the famous camera lens with high quality, but we also know about the camera manufactured by Leica. Leica Camera is collected and used by many celebrities such as movie stars, artists and wealthy people. 

Leica cameras are often made unique, retro, and there are several types that are made in limited editions. Some models of Leica cameras are also create camera together with other luxury brand and other famous fashion products. Leica camera prices in general over a thousand US dollars. 

Leica's reputation as a maker of lenses and materials used on each camera, making the price of the Leica camera is more expensive than other brands with similar specifications. Leica X Vario Black for example selling for about US $ 3.139 with key specifications: Leica Vario-Elmar 18-46 mm f/3.5-6.4 ASPH, CMOS sensor, APS-C size (23.6 x 15.7 mm) with 16.5/16.2 million pixels , MP4 format video recording, and of course can be for shooting manually. This camera is on par with the Sony DSC-RX100M2 Cyber-Shot Black with a price of about $ 769.99 or Canon PowerShot G16 is priced around US$ 469 or Pentax Ricoh GR with a price range of US$ 759.95.

iPad Air ready to compete with Android and Windows Tablet

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Are you ready to replace your old tablet with iPad Air? This most recent generation iPad is so much lighter than previous versions; it is now approaching the weight of a Kindle - meaning it is easy to hold for a long time. The body is about two inches narrower, making it easier to hold. The retina display is so darn sharp and looks nice. 

The iPad Air won't be a surprise to anyone running an existing iPad or iPhone, as you've already seen a lot of what iOS 7 is all about. The value in iOS7 is not just in the new looking that dispenses with the skeumorphism that was on display in previous versions of the OS, but in the move to 64 bit computing. iOS7 is the first step in the next mobile platform for Apple. 

The iPad Air bring more performance and comparable battery life in an attractive and impossibly thin-and-light package. An improved front-facing camera makes FaceTiming look better, and the Retina Display still looks great. The iPad Air is one of the most supreme and comfortable 10-inch tablets we’ve ever used, but a great screen is just as important for a good user experience. 

Nikon D610 full frame camera at an affordable price

Nikon D610, full frame camera, Nikon full frame, new full frame camera, creative photoWould you like to try a full frame DSLR camera? Naturally, if you would say a full frame camera would have been expensive. Sony, Canon and Nikon have made this type of camera at a price above the prosumer cameras and digital SLR or mirrorless cameras. 

 Interested in a Nikon DSLR full frame? Nikon D610 Key features 24.3MP Full-frame CMOS sensor; 3.2-inch, 921k-dot TFT LCD; 3D color matrix metering system; ISO 100 - 6400; 1920 x 1080 @ 30, 25 and 24fps. 

The good news is Nikon D610 is a 'budget' full-frame DSLR, aimed at enthusiasts upgrading from mid-range models or pros looking for an affordable backup for a higher-end body. Nikon D610 looks and feels like a solid semi-pro DSLR.