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Tips to protect the smart phone from viruses and intruders

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Smartphone is a computer, only smaller. Image:
Nowadays smartphones are really pocket-size computers, sexier design and can sending messages, capable of browsing the Web, making online purchases, managing bank accounts, games, play music and much more. 

As smartphones continue to progress and consumers continue to use them for everything from taking pictures of their kids in the park to managing their financial portfolios, viruses and hackers will continue to find new hunting grounds, and computer security software companies will continue to transform their mobile virus protection software. 

Smartphones are the new laptops – just with a smaller, so protecting your smartphone isn’t as simple as finding a durable case and buying a protection plan. Malware has seeped into smartphone software, making the default security settings, in most instances, a relatively unsafe operating environment. Similar to a laptop or PC, attack prevention is just as important as repairing your smartphone, should a security breach take place.

In fact, one recent report says only four percent of smartphones and tablets are protected against viruses, device theft and data loss. And if criminals and mischief-makers don't attack your mobile phone, it could still be at risk. 

Stolen identities, access to personal information, viruses, and spyware are all just as prevalent in the smartphone universe as they are with computers.

Please note that Bluetooth-enabled phones and connections would become the superhighways for airborne viruses. Like the human cold or flu viruses, Bluetooth phones can infect one another by simply being in the same vicinity. Internet downloads are probably the easiest way for your cell phone to contract a virus. If your computer has a bug and your phone is not protected, it will get the malware. This is quite frightening, as almost every phone, smartphone or not, has Bluetooth capabilities.

Protect your smartphone now.
anti-malware, anti-spam, backup feature, spyware, antivirus, antivirus for smartphone, free antivirus, android, mobile phone, security software
The threats to your smartphone. Image:

Most recent attacks have targeted phones running the Android operating system. Android-based smartphones are outselling BlackBerry, Apple, and Windows Phone models, which makes them a tempting target. And the system for distributing phone apps for Android is particularly vulnerable to abuse. According to a report from security software firm Lookout, Android users were two and a half times more likely to encounter malware, and the problem continues to increase. Even now, smartphones are a primary target for malicious code.  However, the best mobile virus protection software scans every app before it is fully downloaded to your smartphone and produces a report detailing any threats the app may pose.

Don’t worry because Android users can install security software to cope with both malicious software problems and the danger of losing a phone full of sensitive info. Some of these solutions are available for free, to a greater or lesser degree. You can download security software for free from trusted sources. While there are differences from program to program, most include these basic features such as
anti-malware, anti-spam, backup feature, spyware, antivirus, antivirus for smartphone, free antivirus, android, mobile phone, security software
Get antivirus for your smartphoneImage:
Anti-Malware: Scans for infections on your phone and checks the safety of any new apps before you install them. It’s essential to get Anti-Spam: You can block incoming text messages and/or phone calls from specified numbers. This may be in the form of a blacklist and a white list numbers or both. Don’t forget to install Backup feature: Some programs include the ability to back up the data from your phone to an online storage account, so if your smartphone is damaged or you have to wipe the data remotely after losing it, you'll still have your information.
Do not download any application on your smartphone before you know the authenticity and security of the software, or the application of a smartphone so you do not have problems, and you are not dizzy and rush to replace your smartphone.
Before you download any software to secure you smartphone please check to your friend about their software security. It’s important to take a look at what others have experienced with a given program before downloading and installing it on your smartphone. Be careful and be wise.

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