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New smartphones in 2013

Digital world especially digital cameras and smartphones are growing very rapidly, both in terms of technology as well as the number of users. Are you going to look for a new smartphone in the year 2013, or you will patiently wait until next year? Of course not, because last month and beyond you will be flooded with various models of smartphones from various famous brands.

Not long ago we introduced the BlackBerry smartphone Z10; it has been prepared with the Black Berry BlackBerry Q10. Well, at this point let's look at a few brands that are sure to make you confused to choose.

Sony Xperia ZR
New Sony Xperia, Sony Xperia ZR, new smartphone
Sony Xperia. Image:
Sony will launch a smartphone water resistant to a depth of 1.5 meters to 30 minutes. The new Sony Xperia IP55/IP58 certified, which Sony Xperia Z which only comes with a certificate IP55/IP57. It was reported that Sony Xperia ZR equipped with a quad core 1.5 Hz Snapdragon processor, 4.6-inch screen with a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels and supported by 2GB of RAM, even pampered with a 13 mega pixel camera with an internal memory of 8GB. This smartphone weights 140g with a thickness of 10mm. Although this new rumor of the Xperia blog, perhaps closer to the truth. We wait for further developments from Sony.

Nokia Asha 210
WhatsApp, BlackBerry Q10, new BlackBerry in 2013
Nokia Asha 210. Image:
If you are not interested in buying expensive smartphones, then you can choose the Nokia Asha 210. Thanks to good relations between Nokia with WhatsApp, Nokia Asha 210 is equipped with a special button WhatsApp, so you are the easier it is to chat with other smartphone users who are also using WhatsApp.

Are you still happy with the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)? Now, WhatsApp is a cross application flatmorm very popular. Users can send each other photos, messages as easily as you use fuel. Nokia Asha 210 with special keys WhatsApp would be very nice, especially the Nokia Asha 210 has been designed in various colors such as you find on the Nokia Lumia. You can choose the color white, magenta, cyan and black.

new LG optimus, new LG smartphone, android jelly bean phone
LG optimus series: F5 and F7. Image:
LG Optimus F5

If you are already familiar with the Samsung Galaxy, then LG will also perform with 4 main features of the LG Optimus F5. This new series has been able to be found in France, and will be launched gradually to other countries. Do not worry; Optimus F5 is rumored to be cheaper than the LG Optimus Pro.

Four main features that exist on the Optimus F5 is QSlide (allows you to multitasking). There is also a useful feature Q Translator to translate text, even sentences and phrases in various languages. If you want to get creative, then you are given VideoWiz feature so you can do video editing. Another feature is the Live Zooming, so that you can see things in more detail.

LG Optimus F5 is supported by Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with double brain with 1.2 GHz speed. This LG Optimus using Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2, 5 MP main camera, 1.5 MP front camera, equipped with 16 GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. The smartphone is using 4.3-inch screen with a pixel density of 256 ppi so you can enjoy the QHD resolution.
Acer Liquid E2, new smartphone in 2013
Acer Liquid E2. Image:

Smartphones from other manufacturers are also worth your wait is Acer Liquid E2. This smartphone was made as a Quad Core smartphone at an affordable price. Perhaps you will also be impressed with the Samsung Galaxy Mega. This smartphone is designed with a rare display. You will be able to choose two types of screens: 5.8 inches and 6.3 inches. Samsung Mega will have completeness as the Samsung Galaxy S4 features like pop-up play, water view and multi-windows.

What about the iPhone, whether there will be a new surprise? If you are not a smartphone enthusiast, then you do not need to bother. You can still use a smartphone that you have today. You can replace it in the future if it was an afterthought.