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A guide to choose lenses for your DSLR camera

If you are the user Digital SLR cameras or the mirrorless camera, then you will be bored with the kit lens that you get when you buy a camera for the first time. You definitely want to try a macro lens, telephoto lens, fish-eye lens or lens super zoom. Each type of lens has the character and ability according to brand, price and lens technology that you will buy. Before you buy additional lenses for your photography needs, so if you are a beginner, then you can use the following guidelines:

Original lens or a third-party
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You certainly want to buy the original lens made ​​by Canon, Nikon or Pentax, which is in accordance with the camera you use today. If you do not have enough budgets, then you can buy the original lens in a camera shop that sells second-hand lens. If you are allergic to used lens, then you can choose the lenses are made with high quality third-party lenses from Sigma, Tamron, Tokina or Samyang. Third-party lenses have also been made with the high technology, so you able to get sharp images.

Focal length
Focal length is the distance between lenses with the camera's sensor field where a photograph is formed. Focal length scale is expressed in millimeters. Camera with lenses focal length is shorter usually suitable for traveling (holiday), because it does not give you trouble when carrying it.

Prime lens 
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Prime lens or fixed lenses is a camera lenses with the focal length that cannot be changed except with the help of additional lenses. Every prime lens quality is different for each product offered. Typically, the prime lens is much more expensive than variable zoom lens or lenses (focal length can be changed).

lens for landscape, telelens, zoom lens,
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The aperture is the hole in the lenses that allows light to enter. Most cameras with the high aperture are more expensive because of its ability to capture more light when shooting. As mentioned above, you are can choose lenses with the aperture that you are want from a third party brands like Tokina, Sigma or Tamron and Samyang.

Lens mount
Lens mount or bearing lenses is arguably a physical link between the camera and lenses. Therefore you should be able to select the appropriate type of lens mount between the lenses and camera you have. Some cameras brands usually are not so suitable given the lens mount is not coming from the same production.

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Image stabilizer
Most of The camera lens in this era already equipped with an image stabilizer that helps you to reduce the risk of taking blurry pictures. Although the actual shooting abilities are also affect the results of the pictures taken. So you can select and buy a camera lenses with this feature or not. You can use the image stabilizer feature that already exists on your camera body. If necessary you can use a tripod to take pictures in low light conditions.

Additional suggestions:

If you are a novice photographer, your do not have to buy expensive camera so that you can buy additional lenses for more, so you can be more creative to make different types of images, both indoors, landscape, macro photos, architecture photos, sports photos, photo animals in the wild and other various types of photos, even photos with the purpose of art. You will find your identity as a photographer. This is very important so that you have the characteristics and special skills, so you can afford professional and respected photographers in the future, your even get rich because of your skills as a photographer. Do you agree with my opinion?

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