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FBI replacing BlackBerry with Samsung Galaxy

Samsung are very fortunate in the United States in the country and Motorola smartphones iPhone. FBI agents and staff will use the Galaxy to their operations. Currently and in the past FBI use BlackBerry for investigative activities, communications and spy. Is the iPhone upset to hear this news?

Samsung reportedly will soon sign a deal to sell the Galaxy to the Federal Bureau of Investigation United States (FBI). Agreement with the FBI predicted Samsung could help boost sales of products to clients in need of high security, such as financial services companies, banks and law firms. Are the CIA, Densus 88 (Indonesian Anti Terorrism Force) and agencies such as Interpol will also follow the steps for using the Samsung Galaxy like the FBI?
FBI agent and smartphone, Samsung Galaxy, new smartphone
FBI agent and his smartphone. Image:

As reported by Reuters on Saturday (07/20/2013), the deal will be a boost for Samsung who are currently trying to meet the needs of government agencies, niche long dominated by the BlackBerry. 

Why the FBI chose the Samsung Galaxy. It's sure that the FBI technician has conducted extensive research on the capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy which is produced in the country's of Gagnam's Style.

Samsung Galaxy with FBI emblem, Samsung Galaxy S4, BlackBerry
Samsung Galaxy with FBI emblem. Image:
Currently there are more than 350 thousand employees of the FBI using a BlackBerry smartphone as a primary device. If the deal with Samsung realized, is not yet known whether the FBI will replace all BlackBerry devices with the Galaxy or will use both. Certainly does not hurt the FBI agents and staff to use both the smartphone.

FBI spokesman declined to comment on the report. He just said, the selection of a new smartphone is an active part of the acquisition process and all of the discussion depends on the government. Meanwhile, BlackBerry and Samsung representatives declined to comment on the news a deal with the FBI.

Samsung Galaxy with FBI symbol, iPhone, Motorola X, BlackBerry
Samsung Galaxy smartphone and FBI symbol. Image:

BlackBerry only emphasizes that his operating system is the best in the market in terms of security features. While the Chief Legal Officer Steve Zipperstein BlackBerry commented that: "At present, mobile device security is more important than ever. Then it is natural to ask why people are considering a move from the gold standard in terms of security that is currently owned by the BlackBerry platform,”

The agreement between the FBI with Samsung is certainly surprising BlackBerry. The question is why the FBI did not use the original production of the United States, Motorola or iPhone? Motorola will soon launch a new product, Motorola X is claimed to be more sophisticated. Motorola certainly able to make software on smartphones is safe and reliable by the FBI, as well as Apple's iPhone sure can make new iPhone 6 with a high level of security. 
New Samsung Galaxy S4, Huawei, James Bond, Sony Xperia, gadget
Samsung Galaxy S4. Image:

Do you want to be different by using the Samsung Galaxy as the FBI agent? Maybe you want to look like James Bond who use Sony Xperia smartphones. 

Perhaps in the next James Bond film, the British agents would perform with Huawei Ascend P6? Huawei is rumored experts in the field of espionage. We will never know, for sure depending on the sophistication of the product and the strong financial capacity to be selected as one of James Bond gadgets.

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