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LCD Television Stands: A Top Ten List

      With the growing ubiquity of LCD televisions across the country there is an increasing need for finding the proper way to display these screens. LCD television stands are the best option available, but most people know little about this technology. There are specific designs and functionality for every LCD television occasion and environment. The problem is finding the one that is right for you. Here are ten key points to keep in mind when looking for television stands.

1. VESA. The Video Electronics Standards Association, also known as VESA, has made strict regulations for LCD television and LCD television stand companies to follow. They brought both manufacturers together to standardize mounting hole placements in both products. When purchasing a LCD television stand look for a VESA label on the product. This insignia ensures that your television and stand are compatible. This is easily the most important step in looking for a LCD television stand.

2. There is a stand for every size television. Television stands are made to accommodate televisions, so with every new size of television designers make the appropriate size television stands. Each model holds a range of television sizes. Television stands generally come in 12" to 22" frames, 23" to 30" frames, 32" to 40" frames, and 42" to 70" frames. All of these stands are capable of supporting the heaviest of televisions in these size ranges.

3. Mobility. Do you need a LCD television that move with your museum or art exhibits? Do you have LCD screens that need to be shipped out to classrooms or meeting rooms? Are you looking for any easy way to maneuver your plasma television? Well, you are in luck because now many LCD television stands feature wheels at the base for convenient portability. No matter the size of your screen, or the stand, you can push the television from one place to another. Even if you want a stationary stand, many of the wheels lock into place. The wheels are always there when you need them.

4. Handing out Brochures. Sometimes simply having a LCD television isn't enough to get customers to remember your company. Potential clients want some sort of flyer or brochure they can take with them. There are many LCD television stands that come with acrylic or plastic brochure holders. Simply attach the case, or cases, at the appropriate height on the stand and let customers take as many as they need. They will definitely have a harder time forgetting who you are.

5. Digital Sign Kits. Digital sign kits are a great way to advertise on LCD televisions. Many companies sell LCD television stands with different digital sign packages. These often include DVD players for all the different electronic regions, projectors, computer terminals, or digital poster frames. Some styles are wire less compatible and others come with equipment to hide wiring. Live television is also available for a fee from many different companies. These kits make for great displays at malls and conventions.

6. Mounting Options. Is floor space at a premium in your store or exhibit? Not to worry. There are plenty of wall mounting and ceiling hanging bracket options for you to explore. Wall mounting brackets come in a variety of styles ranging from butterfly to locking strap to extending arm models. Wall models are usually able to tilt 15 to 20 degrees. Ceiling brackets are less common, but are just as sturdy. Some of these brackets can turn 360 degrees for center of the room exhibits. No matter which style of bracket you choose, it is available in both silver and black colored aluminum metal to match your d├ęcor.

7. Cabinet Space. There are many LCD television stands that come with ample cabinet space. This cupboard area is great for storing excess products or for hiding wires. These LCD television stands are ideal in large conference rooms or lecture classrooms.

8. Residential Styles. Some plasma stands are specifically designed for home use, but can work well in any environment looking to create a residential feel. These stands tend to be a little more elegant and feature lighter weight exteriors. Manufactured to accommodate a video player and a collection of films, these models often have one to three glass shelves for home video appliances. Many different styles are available, so browse around before you make your choice.

9. Collapsible Storing. Don't have enough space in your closet or storage area for a large stand? Do you travel with a television from trade show to trade show? Many of these flat screen holders are being made with collapsing capabilities. Available in most sizes and styles, these stands detach from the base. To knock down the stand push the posts together. Many companies sell collapsible television stands with cases for easy carrying.

10. Accessories? Many companies are now selling accessories for LCD television supplements like computers and laptops. These manufacturers are interested in making your display or presentation more convenient for you. Popular accessories include wheeled CPU holders for portability and laptop shelves for organizing Powerpoint presentations. Some companies even include collapsible counters for a complete booth or kiosk with the television stand. Take advantage of what these LCD television stand companies have to offer.

LCD television stands are not just a way to hold your television. They serve as a way to decorate, organize, and advertise. Hopefully this list of points is able to help you in your search for television stands.

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