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Android tablet – the convenient portable computer

Android tablet, mobile gadget, Wi-Fi, LCD screen

   The Android system of operation is owned by the giant soft ware company Google. The Android system is already used by mobile phones and most of the smart phones operate on this system. The fact that it is open –source means that since new applications need not be licensed and it could be put on the market either FOC or for profitable reasons. This allows for the Android tablet to be continuously updated and be the most up to date system in the market.

The Android tablet has immense memory capacity and could be used to store all documentation, pictures and even a book to be read on the go. The speed of the Android tablet processor is able to operate at any level of operation and the LCD display system is of high quality. The Android Tablet also allows for HD movies to be watched online with great color effects. The mobile communication system signals are of a high quality. The Android tablet is equipped with 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity enabling free internet access.

The Android tablet is a "must have" item for techno enthusiasts. It is not just a computer, but the fact that it has so many free applications makes it a valuable item. For instance flat screens are visualized as for TVs in the living room. The Fact that the screen of the Android tablet is flat and it is possible to watch HD movies makes it a flat screen TV anywhere.

In the market place of today presentations are a top priority. For sales people who are on the move a portable computer of good quality is a must. The Android tablet has a quick start up time and this allows for valuable time to make a slightly longer presentation or prepare and distribute hand outs on the spot.

The fact that the Android tablet is mobile, enables notes to be taken anywhere without the need for paper. This contributes to an eco-friendly environment.

The ease with which this computer can be carried around makes it an obvious choice for the busy person on the go who can have computer access almost anywhere in the world.

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