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Free Downloadable Mobile Phone Games to Transform your Mobile Phones Into Gaming Consoles

     Mobile phones have grown from a mere communication device to the heights of popularity by integrating advanced features like media players, mega pixel digital cameras, internet access, and every other entertaining feature you can think of. In today's scenario, a mobile phone is not own simply for its communicational abilities but for the advanced features that it possesses. One feature that stands out from the rest of the features is the gaming feature as it attracts individuals of every age group alike.

All of the recently introduced mobile phones come with built in animated games for our entertainment. But since the number of built in games provided by the manufacturer is limited to only a few, a time will come when you will get bored of them. Also most of the times the games provided by the manufacturer are quite boring. Since you do not have any control over the built in games, then how can you play your favorite games on your mobile phones.

This is where the latest technology comes to your rescue. You can now download games of your choice from the Internet itself. But what do you do when your mobile phone have no support for the internet. There are some online resources which first let you download the mobile phone games onto your computer and you can then download or transfer these mobile games to your mobile phones using a data cable or Bluetooth transfer.

If your cell phone has the support for internet then you can simply download cell phone games using WAP (Wireless Application Protocol). Mobile phone games are sometimes referred to as Java games because almost all of these games are developed using the Java platform. You can find all types of mobile phone games like casino games, sports games, action games and puzzle games for your mobile phone.

Today with mobile gaming horizon gradually brightening with highly engrossing 3D games that have the ability to run on a multi-player format, the world of mobile gaming is readying to present a new tomorrow. A tomorrow that is full of advanced and exciting mobile phone games that will transform each mobile phone into a gaming console.

By now you must have started to think, how you can actually download these games. Will you need to empty your pockets for downloading these mobile games? This is where HOVR an online mobile gaming store comes into picture. HOVR offers free downloadable mobile phone games for mobile phones of all makes. You can directly download HOVR's free mobile games to your mobile phone or you can choose to download on your computer. You can also point your phone browser to to directly download free games to your phone.

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