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Information and tips for owners of Android handsets

Android version of the Notepad application 

Android smartphone has several advantages and benefits that will make you happy. 

In Android handset you can find the application default named Memo. 
This application is used for typing text, almost the same as Office applications, but have different functions. Commonly called the notepad application is lighter and only serves to keep a small note. 

Actually notepad application has several other functions. 
But in notepad congenital Android, its function was limited to creating a note and send it via Bluetooth, Email, SMS (Short Message Service), IM (Instant Messaging), and social networking. 

If you want to get a notepad with more functions, you must download it from third-party application developers can more you find in the Android Market. Here are some of the notepad application that you can choose: 

Note Everything 

Note With Everything, you can create Textnote, Paintnote (utilizing touchscreen Android for free drawing objects), Voicenote, Note From Barcode, and Note From Google Docs. 
Among all these completeness, lack Note Everything is not able to make the Checklist and the absence of features such as on ColorNote reminder. 

Color Note 

ColorNote excess of congenital notepad Android is when creating a new record, will show the option Text or checklist. Ability to create checklists on an excess ColorNote very rare. 
From some of the notepad application that attempted by Paseban on this occasion, only ColorNote who have this ability. 

For easy access, ColorNote has shortcut features. 
You can set the shortcut you've made a note on the front page of your Android gadget for easy access.ColorNote also has a Reminder feature that you can set based on the desired time, Example: You can save the birthdays of your friends, and set reminders to alert you every year. 

Catch Notes

Catch the Notes only to make records, but has a concept on the note you can attach an image file, voice, barcode, and reminder. Advantages compared with 2 Catch Notes application is the application of the above features password-protect. Notes Catch Everything Note also complement deficiencies that currently do not have a reminder feature. But the shortcomings of this application is not able to create Paintnote and can not to make the Checklist. 


When you first run the Evernote, you are required to create an account on this application server. And after logging in, you will be treated to a notepad that is rich in functionality. At the time of making records, you can attach sound, images, videos, and files in various formats. By using Google Maps, Evernote can add info where you are when you create the note. With online storage systems take advantage of the cloud, you can access the files that you created in Evernote account, whether the file was created from the PC, MAC, or your Android handset. 

 Evernote into notepad application complete with supporting various file attach.Still, this application has deficiencies, and lack of Evernote, the Check list and Reminder, owned by ColorNote, and Paintnote Everything's Note. 

For now, the links between ColorNote with Android Evernote will make the gadgets you have a notepad application complete. 
The absence of a note on the application Evernote Paint is not a problem, because this feature does not have a significant function.
 But if you liked the scribbled activities using the Android handset, you can add applications Note Everything. 

You can use the facilities of the above facilities to the business needs as well as for creativity. Today gadgets like the Android-based smartphones and another version that is used as a BlackBerry, Nokia, Apple, Acer, and so has multiple functions for personal, business and entertainment. Make sure you to research and read reviews before buying a new gadget. 

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