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Do you work at a company that requires you to buy a Smartphone that can be used for business? Or you are an entrepreneur independent? Make sure you choose the right Smartphone for your needs, but also can make you entertained. The phone business has always had a class of its own, mobile phone vendor was an endless stream of phone flooding the market in this class, ranging from PDA phone and Smartphone segment, among many choices, not a few who are confused to choose the type of business phones. Here's a tip for choosing a business phone needs.

1. Understand the Nature of cell phone
Mobile phone for business is generally high-end class, which features tend to be rather complicated crammed types of mobile phones in general. Measure how deep your curiosity levels at the new features. This determines the choice of the type of phone you choose. The point is if you use a sophisticated Smartphone, you should be prepared to learn a lot to understand it.

2.  Needs
Different needs of each user, can be useful to recognize the need to avoid buying a feature that "redundant". Freak like you are chatting, probably not really necessary to buy high-resolution camera phones.

3. Character of the Operating System Every business phones using a special operating system, among other seri60 Symbian, Symbian UIQ, Blackberry, Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and Windows or Android Smartphone. Identify the features of character-based business operating system. You also can avoid the risk of "one" buy.

4. Wherever possible use phone ensure easy to use, easy in operation meant moving from one application to others, I think HP is owned by the touch screen which the operation is done by touch screen mobile Phone Touch and Non Touch Screen.

Touch screen facility for a long time synonymous with the concept of business phones, though after all depends on taste. If you are in doubt, commercially available hybrid type that is touch screen QWERTY keyboard is also equipped with a manual. You can freely try two text input system. Basically any phone business focuses on the function of messaging and office applications.

5. Document Viewer or Editable Document
Although already equipped with office applications, there is a product segment that can only document viewer, such as the class of Windows smart phones. To create and edit a document can be made in class Windows Mobile PPC and Nokia E series. Quickoffice for Nokia to adopt software that can be upgraded as needed.

6. Multitasking capabilities
HP today generally have multitasking capability, meaning the one program with another program that can be used simultaneously without the need to close other programs are running on a mobile, this capability is necessary in a mobile phone considering we will open more than one application is required, for example: YM and Opera Mini, IM I use to receive the ordered items online in pulses while Opera Mini I used to check whether the payment to the PayPal login.

7. Copy Paste feature
Order toll charging is very inconvenient to do when retyping destination phone number, which is used for transactions that mobile phone should have Copy Paste features, ability to copy and paste this would be optimal if your cell phone used a touch screen.

8. Bundling Package 
Some business phones offered by bundling the operator. This could be an interesting option, because a lot of security features that must be connected to the Internet network operator. You can get through the bundling of service quality and convenience of attractive tariff packages.

8. Support Accessories
To support the business, can be very necessary accessories. Before choosing a business phone, try to find out about the availability of accessories. There are many distributors who import only product without accessories. Accessories that can be quite handy car charger, wireless keyboard cable to the TV out.

9. Battery Capacity
Choose a business phone with a large battery capacity. Performance on urgent business can be more secure with excellent battery power.

10. Internet connection
Good news about the promotion of internet connection helps online businesses, where the internet connection can be done anywhere as long as a signal with a very low cost, online activity thus can always be done anytime with your mobile phone. Choosing a provider can be tailored to your condition and the services provided by the provider. If your company is paying for your Smartphone bill, you do not need to worry.

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