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Canon EOS 1D X

Canon EOS 1D X, D SLR camera, Nikon, pentax, EOS Prima Movie Video
Canon EOS 1D XImage:
The Professional Photographers Dream

Canon  Camera released the EOS-1D X to answer the needs of photography professionals are increasingly challenged and improved. This camera is a dream for lovers of photography in the world, both professional photographers and serious amateur photographers who pursue photography as a hobby. The technology used in the Canon EOS-1D X is an evolution of previous professional DSLR EOS technologies like the EOS-1Ds Mark III and EOS-1D Mark IV. As the joint and increased sophistication of the features of its predecessor in the professional class, carrying the EOS-1D X 18.1-megapixel CMOS sensor measuring 35mm full-frame high-speed image capture up to 14 frames per second (fps), with dual DIGIC processor so that 5 + the photos in a very high ISO noise was minimal.

The results are amazing photos Sensor EOS-1D X has a high signal-to-noise (S / N) special with pixel size of 6.95 μm pitch width. Pixel size and a larger sensor further enhance the light collection efficiency so that the image obtained by a more perfect and the noise is also lower. Thanks to advanced sensors and processors, the clarity of the images from the EOS-1D X at ISO 51 200 is comparable to the images at ISO 12,800 on the EOS-1D Mark IV so the EOS-1D ISO setting X can be increased up to ISO 204 800. With high ISO users can increase the shutter speed to reduce camera shake when shooting at, especially in low light conditions and is not possible to use flash. Another feature of the Canon EOS-1D X is a function of Real-Time Correction of chromatic aberration, the processing of RAW images directly in the camera, lens distortion correction (in RAW processing functions).

 AE / AF System of Innovative System

 Auto Focus (AF) on the EOS-1D X has a High Density 61titik reticular AF with 41 cross-type points. Cameras AF system offers a broad range of auto-focus, high precision, and ability to capture the sophisticated subject. Canon EOS-1D X using the AF sensor with 41 cross-type point sensitive to f/4.0 aperture so that users are now using the lens maximum aperture f/4.0 AF can enjoy the optimal speed. Every moment is critical and any movement will not be missed. High Speed ​​Performance Unprecedented With the shutter-release lag is so short just 36 milliseconds, the Canon EOS-1D X responds quickly to keep up a photographer sports or fast action.

A new feature in the EOS-1D X is an Active Mirror Stopper Quad, which is equipped with a double bounce lock and balance so as to reduce bounce mirror directly. With this system, the camera is more stable and accurate in shooting high drive so that photographers will never miss a quick moment.

EOS Prima Movie Video

Recording quality is of very high with low noise and cinematic effect of the Canon EOS cameras that are well known and became a hot topic in the world of videography appear more reliable in the EOS-1D X. With Dual DIGIC processor 5 + and a new CMOS sensor systems, color and moiré distortion appearing in scenes with fine horizontal lines is reduced drastically. Video recording with high ISO was freer from noise. Users can also select the compression method IPB is capable of recording much longer with a smaller file size and optimal quality. Even so special to meet the needs of professionals in taking and video synchronization, video file sizes in excess of 4GB (the maximum size for FAT file systems) are automatically split but the new file is created automatically and immediately continues recording without interruption.

Improved Reliability and Durability

EOS-1D X using the unit shutter (shutter) version that has the durability to 400,000 times the shots. And the new EOS-1D series at first used this camera electronic shutter curtain for a quieter operation when using live view function. With order unit of material solid magnesium strong alloy, EOS-1D X is very tough and reliable in any shooting conditions. Ultrasonic waves Wave Motion Cleaning (UWMC effectively remove small particles from the sensor interrupt. Canon EOS-1D X is a professional camera that can meet the needs of photographers who require high-speed full frame camera with high ISO capability with low noise. Canon EOS-1D X is also the world's fastest digital SLR camera sets a new standard of excellence DSLR camera technology is increasingly leaving its competitors.

Are you interested in using this sophisticated camera? Perhaps you would consider digital SLR cameras manufactured by Nikon, Pentax or any other well-known brand have also launched a new camera. The final decision is yours.

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