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Barack Obama and BlackBerry 10

It is said that Barack Obama before he became president was very fond of the BlackBerry as a tool of communication and sending messages. Did he also like to chat and send photos with the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) like millions of people in Indonesia and other countries? Did Obama also join the BBM Group with friends and relatives?

Barack Obama and BlackBerry, BlackBerry 10
 After becoming president does he still have time to send a joke? There are lots of questions for the number 1 in the United States relating to the BlackBerry. When Obama first enter the White House, he was banned for using a Blackberry for security reasons.

Busy Mr. President? Image:
Now with the new variants of the BlackBerry smartphone models released with different features, even with the latest operating system, the BlackBerry Z10. 

Will Obama too be tempted to pick one of the latest models of BlackBerry Z10? Do you know which model will he choose? Of course as president he has no problems with the price, but I'm sure Obama will pay attention to the features, camera resolution, and other aspects such as the keyboard of the smartphone to be used. 
BlackBerry Z10, New BlackBerry Z10

Obama and the first lady. Image:
Does Barry (Barack Obama's nickname) would feel comfortable typing on the touch screen of the new BlackBerry? Will he give Michele, the first lady a new BlackBerry Z10, so he can chat with her when Obama work outside the White House. Will he also give his daughters BlackBerry or iPhone 5? 

Do any of you have friends with the secret agent guarding President Obama? If yes, please ask if Obama already has models of BlackBerry 10 and what is selected by the President who likes to eat fried rice and chicken satay when he "returned" to his childhood home in Indonesia? Could Obama be tempted on the sophistication of the Nokia Lumia or HTC one?

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