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Newkia, the new Nokia with Android operating system

You must have known the Nokia Lumia with Windows operating systems, and is able to compete with Android-based smartphones. Android system has mastered more than 70 percent market share of smartphones in the world. BlackBerry and iOS on the iPhone and iPad is getting hard to face Samsung Galaxy worldwide.

The former CEO of Nokia, Thomas Zilliacus has established a new company, and is known to have recruited former staff and technicians Nokia to create a new product, the Android-based smartphone. The new company was named Newkia, and you can patiently wait Newkia, Android-based smartphone, so you can enjoy many features and interesting applications.
Thomas Zilliacus, former CEO Nokia, Newkia, nokia android, new smartphone, new android smartphone
Thomas Zilliacus with his daughters and their teammates of the United World College girls soccer team. Image:
Thomas Zilliacus want to revive the big-name Nokia, the Finnish national pride, that veterans from Nokia is very excited when recruited by the former CEO's. Newkia has the potential to be something big, even aficionados Nokia who have switched to Android smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S4 or Lenovo K900 is expected to re-embrace the new Nokia in the face, Newkia. Are you also going to pick Newkia Q10 and removing BlackBerry or your iPhone and replace it with Newkia?

Newkia logo, newkia android smartphone, new nokia android
Newkia fake logo. Image:
Newkia is ready to compete

Thomas Zilliacus has selected a team of former senior Nokia executive. They have committed and sure to attract anyone who wants to develop a competitive smarphone on the Android platform. Thomas says, that Newkia is the end of a sad story. Is sad because it is no longer active as Nokia or Nokia to compete with Samsung Galaxy and other famous smartphone.
Nokia Lumia 1020 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom, Oppo Find7, BlackBerry Q10, iPhone
Nokia Lumia 1020 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. Image:
No news leaked about this Newkia design, specifications and features. Maybe we give a chance to Thomas and all his team for designing and producing innovative Newkia with Android system which is faster, and has a more powerful camera than the Nokia 1020, Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom or Oppo Find 7.

Nokia connecting people is the slogan of Nokia, what more could Newkia connecting millions of gadget geeks around the world? Thomas Zilliacus capabilities, the Finnish businessmen should not be doubted. With experience and a team of smart and innovative, we will be given a new experience, and should be better than any other smartphone.

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