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Understanding the code FPS, RPG and TPS in games

Are you just starting to play games with PC, tablet PC, Sony PlayStation, Xbox, Wii and even take advantage of your smartphone for light gaming or challenging? Now you can find the game in a variety of formats, and you can even play games on android smart phones and so on.
Perhaps you would like to pass the time by playing games while waiting in the cafe business relations or killing time at the airport while waiting for boarding time before you fly on holiday to Bali, a tropical paradise?

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Call of Duty. Image:
Perhaps you (if you are a beginner), then you need to know the codes that exist in the game that you play like TPS, FPS and RPG. These codes are classified based game interaction, rather than on narrative and visual differences. Games that you play are usually differentiated by genre, but there are also some games that have a combination of more than one genre.

Have you ever played a Final Fantasy game? This game is very famous and played millions of people around the world. This game is classified in the genre of RPG or Role Playing Games. This genre allows players to choose a character to play. Along with the rising level of the game, the character you choose will change as well, ranging from weapons, skills and tricks to science. In addition to the Final Fantasy games you can find this kind of game called Dragon Quest or World of Warcraft.
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Star Wars games. Image:
There is also interesting genre of games for you to play the FPS or First Person Shooter. At this genre serves as the player character is possible by using the first-person perspective, so you will see around through the eyes of characters played. Another main characteristic is the use of hand-held weapons. This exciting genre can be found in games like Battle Field and of course Call of Duty.

There are games that are similar to the FPS genre called Third Person Shooter or TPS. This genre game with emphasis on firing activity of a third person perspective or character players can engage fully. This viewpoint gives players a broader view on the surrounding environment than games in the FPS genre.

In addition, TPS enables more complicated movements such as diving or rolling. This kind of game is definitely exciting to play because you can play this game more varied, not just ducking and jumping like the FPS genre. Experienced players are very interested in the genre of TPS as the average in this genre has puzzle elements are more complicated than those games that you find on the FPS genre.

There are some very famous TPS games like Battlefront, Star Wars series, or Rachet and Clank, even allowing players to change the point of view of the character of the first person. Now the designer and creator of the game also has combined parliaments of TPS with other genres such as RPGs or on a game called Mass Effect.
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Android version of Final Fantasy games. Image:
Now you can relax with a variety of games that challenge your adrenaline, but do not play games excessively as harmful to your physical and psychological health. 

You should not be too long focused on the game's visual, though very attractive and have a certain positive effect, but the real game outside spaces such as football, badminton, diving and other sports is very beneficial to your life in the long run. Physical activity and interaction with the real world with community, friends and family are very important so that you do not become strange creatures, and physical harm to you and your personality.

Once in a while you also need to watch movies that are based on well-known games such as Final Fantasy and so on, so you get the opportunity to meet family, friends in the cinema, and you can continue to socialize with them in cafes and talk about what it like planning a vacation to USA, Bali, safari to Africa or romantic holiday to Budapest. 

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