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Canon EOS M2 for fantastic daily use and long holiday in 2014

Canon has announced EOS M2, the latest mirrorless digital camera. The new camera promises fast autofocus thanks to the Hybrid CMOS II sensor that is also used in the EOS 100D and SL1 digital cameras. It also has built-in Wi-Fi and a slightly revised body design.  It is sold either body-only or in kits with one, two, or all three EF-M lenses.  The M2 digital camera will be available in black or white bodies.

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The Canon EOS M2 in black and white. Image:
The Canon EOS M2 also gets a redesigned mode dial with a separate position for the Creative group option. The camera also has integrated Wi-Fi and the ability to connect to smartphones running iOS or Android applications. 

Canon’s smartphone app allows the smart device to be used as a remote control. Other notable features include the addition of built-in Wi-Fi for wireless sharing and image transfer and AF Servo mode when shooting video.

Autofocus improved

You will enjoy Canon EOS M2 with the improved autofocus, which was by far the biggest area requiring improvement on the original. Canon promises more than double the AF speed with its new Hybrid CMOS AF II system, which double checks the window for focus information that the original did for that improvement. Canon has kept the same APS-C 18 megapixel sensor in the M2.

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Canon Eos M2 in white. Image:
The Hybrid CMOS II sensor promises 2.3 faster autofocus, and its phase detection pixels cover a substantially larger area of the frame, it’s about 80% overall; the EOS M2 should offer the same improved autofocus with the EOS 100D compared to the Canon EOS 700D. 

You can use EOS M2 for long holiday in Bali or other paradise because the size of this camera is smaller than Digital SLR cameras, even smaller than previous EOS M.

Are you ready to change your old digital camera for 2014? You’ll be able to pick up the EOS M2 in December 2013 for 84,800 yen (about $820) with a kit lens or 64,800 yen (about $630) for the body only. However you must go to Japan or China. Don’t worry if you live in USA or other country you can purchase this new EOS M2 in January 2014. This camera is great for daily activities and also fantastic for vacation during the holiday seasons.

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