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Nikon D750 could be a surprise for the photography enthusiast?

If you are a big fan of Nikon cameras, especially DSLR type, then you need to hear rumors that Nikon seems preparing a new DSLR camera, which may be called the D750. Rumors about Nikon DSLR D750 first appeared in early August 2014, and kept rolling on the Internet. Do you already have leaked or semiofficial news?
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The future design of Nikon D750? Image:
Reportedly, the Nikon D750 will be powered 24,3MP full-frame sensor. That said, this latest Nikon will be strengthened with the EXPEED 4 image processor. The design of the Nikon D750 reportedly very similar to the Nikon D610, which was launched at the end of last year, however this full frame DSLR will sport a tilting display on the back, which does not seem to be a touchscreen.

The specifications of the Nikon D750 is as follows:

24mp full frame, no AA filter.
1/2-1 stop noise improvement from D600 (in RAW)
8 frames per second
51 AF system, with group AF
Large buffer
Improved LiveView (no lag, and jaggy display)

If Nikon following the digital camera enthusiast needs, with fast connectivity technologies, the Nikon D750 will definitely be equipped with Wi-Fi features. Also reported that the D750 will have a super light body (possibly lighter than the Df) and tilting LCD, making it easier for you to use a full frame camera is to express your photographic art.
New Nikon Camera, Nikon D750, Nikon full frame, nikon rumors, Photokina
Nikon D750 LCD. Image:
Until today autofocus system is not yet known what will be embedded on this camera. According, the Nikon D750 supposed to be an "action camera", therefore we are expecting it to pack something better than the 39-point AF system found in the D610 and the Nikon Df. 

There are many questions arise from the authors of digital camera reviews, especially on the Internet about the various features and other aspects of this camera. Yet, we also reported that the Nikon D750 will have better video recording options Compared to current Nikon D610 and Nikon D810 DSLRs. If true, then you can certainly make a movie or a video clip that is better than canon Canon 5D Mark III.

Although not yet confirmed, the Nikon D750 will reportedly sold more expensive than the Nikon D610. It is said, the Nikon D750 is expected to be priced around $ 2,500. Are you interested to try out the ability of the D750? It looks like you still need to be patient, because till the time of writing there has been no official news from the factory.

You must be curious about the full specifications of the Nikon D750. Let us look forward to the Photokina event, so that you desire to have the latest DSLR cameras can be realized.

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