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Samsung S-UHD TV series fantastic television for viewing pleasure

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Samsung S-UHD TV vs conventional HD TV. Image:
Now the time has come, you should enjoy the beauty of the colors and sounds of a modern television. Samsung has answered your dreams. You can get to your favorite electronics store and can choose the Samsung S-UHD, an ultra high-definition television to decorate your living room. You will enjoy a stunning image, richer colour, details, contrast plus brilliant intense. You will be captivated by the superb image quality of the new S-UHD TVs Samsung. Samsung sets a new standard in immersion.

The curved design of your Samsung S-UHD TV literally immerses you in the action to make you live the emotions of your movies as if you were there. There are some latest models that you can choose as a model JS9000 or JS9500. The curved design of your Samsung TV UHD-S provides an unprecedented depth to your images, to make you feel a real sense of depth, from all angles without having to wear glasses. You will enjoy Tizen-powered smart TV system and 4K picture quality.

The Samsung S-UHD televisions incorporate the latest technologies developed by Samsung in terms of image (nanocrystals, Peak Illuminator, engine remastering S-UHD) for richer colors, more intense contrasts and an unprecedented sense of immersion. Unlike the similar television, the Samsung S-UHD TVs can reproduce 64x more color than other Samsung UHD TVs. Through integrated nanocrystals in the screen, the colors are reproduced with unmatched accuracy for images as lifelike. Be transported by the realism of each image.

Enjoy SMART Tizen Operating System on your new Samsung S-UHD TV. The Tizen OS is an open, cross-platform ecosystem for using all kinds of Android applications. With the arrival of the Tizen OS, the interface of the Smart TV is completely redesigned: everything becomes simpler and more intuitive. While watching TV, just point the bottom of the screen to view your Smart TV menu. Everything is just a click away, and puique TV remembers your favorite applications, they will always be placed first.

With the Peak Illuminator technology, so the Samsung S-UHD TV give life to images and new level of brightness. Due to their composition, the S-UHD screens offer a level much higher light transmission than conventional UHD TVs. Furthermore, HDR technology (High Dynamic Range) saves energy in the black areas, and use it to light further areas in need. It is now possible to recreate the true intensity of a star in the sky, a flash in the storm or sun glare on the water. The S-UHD TVs Samsung therefore provide more light and more contrast. Wow.
Smart TV, 4K TV, Samsung S-UHD TV, Smart Tizen OS, HDR TV, JS9000, JS9500, Samsung TV

Samsung S-UHD TV. Image:
What do you expect from a TV today? When you watch an action movie or a football game, then you definitely want a color that is not only beautiful, but also comfortable on your eyes. Imagine a night scene, a dark street, and a black cat crossing in the dark. 

Until now, it was difficult to clearly see the cat. But with the Precision Black Pro technology on your TV S-UHD Samsung, you'll have no trouble distinguishing. Thanks to the Engine remastering S-UHD, so through a proprietary process, the quality of movies no S-UHD is analyzed, optimized and remastered for getting as close to the original quality desired by the director. However, the final image quality depends on the quality of the original source.

With scaling ultra HD features, your Samsung S-UHD TV is able to optimize any source to make him enjoy Ultra HD resolution. You always enjoy the best images possible, regardless of the circumstances. Don’t worry, the Samsung TV is so simple to use. If your Samsung TV S-UHD first impress you by realism of his pictures, every day will continue to surprise you by making you discover all the features it has. You could for example send videos from your mobile on TV with a simple gesture.

Remember the Samsung S-UHD is a real smart TV, so all share is simple. Your S-UHD TV Samsung is not just for watching TV. Enjoy the big screen to broadcast your best photos or vacation movies for example. No need for application, the Samsung Galaxy automatically connects to the TV, and you can share everything with ease. Please note you can use the compatible models such as Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note III, Galaxy Note IV.

You do not need to worry. Even if you do not use the Samsung smartphone, you can maximize other Android smartphones, for example if you want to watch movies, or music videos available on YouTube. Make sure your smartphone can download the application needed to connect with this great Samsung television. The latest Android technology has been designed to allow you to enjoy various features and applications of Android App stores. You may require updating your smartphone.

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