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How to choose new DSLR camera

Do you have plans to buy a new DSLR camera? 

Or you want to switch from a pocket camera to a DSLR camera? You do not need to worry with this option because the DSLR camera is not difficult to use. Many teens who use DSLR cameras for a variety of needs, not just to hang out with friends only, and some even began to pursue photography seriously.

DSLR camera is no longer luxury goods or can only be owned by the professional photographers and people who have a lot of money. Now anyone can have a new DSLR camera. Famous manufacturers such as Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Sigma, Panasonic Lumix, Samsung, Sony Alpha, and soon have been producing entry-level DSLR cameras that are affordable.

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Canon DSLR. Image:
If you are a beginner, I suggest buying a camera type of entry level before buying a high end camera or professional. Before deciding to buy a new camera, it is very good when you take some time to read the review on the Internet or get information from digital camera magazines. 

There are many factors in determining when we want to make a choice to buy a DSLR camera. As we know there are many different brands and types, entry level or advance or professional. I try to give you simple advice before you buy a new camera, which is as follows:

1. The price.
This is the main determining factor will be like the most is the type or brand DSLR camera that will we have later. How sophisticated camera type that you select, the budget we have will be decisive.

2. Usability.
Or do you need to buy a DSLR camera; whether to transmit a new hobby, got the task to be part of the documentation in the Office, streamline the job as a photographer's coverage. If your needs can still be sure with pocket camera surely buying a DSLR camera is not a necessity. Not only will be more inconvenient because you have to learn to master it will also be incriminating because of greater size compare with ordinary point and shoot camera.

3. Specifications. 
If these factors which determine the means you're interested in usability and excess of DSLR cameras are no longer just a point and shot. Do you need a camera with a higher speed because it wanted to deepen photo sports, big resolution or because it will often print with large sizes, higher ISO rating because served to shoot music concerts or performances on stage and others?

In fact the third factor above is the most decisive factor of your decision to choose and buy a DSLR camera, but if I should add a factor which is most often into consideration other, so the options are:

4. Resolution.
Many people wrong understanding of the said resolution or megapixels. Most people assume if a megapixel camera has a size larger than the resulting image will be better. But if we only will most print results photos in size of post card, the number of megapixels in the cameras Pocket is sufficient. The size of a large new megapixel is needed if we have to print in a larger size of 60 cm x 40 cm. Or you are a professional who often print in large size of the result cropping photos.

The camera with a resolution of 16 or 20 megapixels is in fact already good and produce great and fantastic pictures.
Nikon DSLR, Canon DSLR, new DSLR camera, DSLR camera tips, camera guide, DSLR specs, DSLR camera spesifications
Nikon DSLR. Image:

5. Accessories.
This option can also mean you will invest in a camera brand or already have one particular brand, and decided to complement the needs of the brand. 

6. The needs of the future.
Are you are going to use these cameras up to 5 or 6 years? Because technology DSLR camera is a technology that does not quickly obsolete eaten time, unlike for example the technology on the mobile phone quickly changed.

 Unless there's a springboard new technologies such as when the transition from analog to digital camera. Or maybe later when DSLR camera that uses the shutter or shutter is replaced by a mobile phone camera technology with the same quality results.

To purchase a new digital camera all decisions in your hands. Think well that later option you would not be in vain. Happy hunting!

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