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Being a photographer

Photography is something that many people can do, but only some people can master it. Photography has become my hobby since Junior High School. I want to be a photographer in the future, because as they say, “If you have a job based on your hobby, then it won’t be a burden to you.” There are three reasons why I want to be a photographer. The first reason is because it is my hobby. The second one is because you can do many things with a camera. The final reason is because photography is a fun thing to do. 
Photography has become my hobby since Junior High School. I started using a camera when I was in 6th grade, but I started to use a camera seriously when I was in Junior High School. Since then photography has become a thing that I want to do continuously. And when I went to High School, it suddenly hit my mind, “Why not try to be a photographer someday?” Being a photographer has become one of my dreams that I want to accomplish since then.
There are a lot of things that can be accomplished by using a camera. We can get many kinds of pictures just by using the features of your camera like. By zooming, taking panoramic pictures, and taking multiple shots of some objects or people you can capture the best moments that you want to keep. We can keep many memories just by taking a picture of the things you did somewhere, like when you’re on a vacation, taking many pictures of you in the places that you’ve been is important to have memories of your past.
Photography is a fun thing to do. Sometimes people have a limited view of their futures, but I am not like that. I don’t want to make a living just by doing some boring office job, I want to explore the world and to capture the moments of my life with photography, and I can also earn money with photography, because photography is used in many fields, such as advertising, wedding and pre-wedding photos, and the most obvious one: selling your pictures over the Internet.
I know that there are many risks of being a photographer, but I am willing to take those risks. It’s better than to sit in an office and typing day and night. “Embrace your dreams.” It’s something that I want to do since I’m in Junior High School, and I finally found my dream after I spent a long time searching for it.
 This article was written by contributors: Dananjaya Wija Putera, Gonzaga Junior High, Jakarta, Indonesia

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