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How to maintain the battery Laptop

 There are many ways to take care of the laptop. One that we often encounter and even almost all laptop users often complain about the battery problem. Some say quickly drains  or drop. On this occasion I want to share tips on how to take care of the laptop battery.

 Do not store the laptop in bed / carpet / sofa. Laptops need air circulation because he was a hot issue. If we keep on the bed, the heat will not come out.

 Use a cooling pad. Cooling pad can help reduce the temperature of a hot laptop. Try to find the direction the wind is blowing from the bottom up, so the wind does not head down.

 Laptops today are sophisticated. So, if for example again until fully charged, he would break the flow by itself. So you do no need to unplug the adapter.

 If the laptop is not used in a long time (example: a week) laptop battery should be kept alone. Store in a plastic dry, then store in a cool place. It's Very nice if you also save some silica gel to prevent moisture.

 Do not store laptop or a laptop battery in a car exposed to the sun. This can affect the performance of the laptop.

 Calibrate laptop battery at least once a month. The way you do the calibration is to use the laptop battery until about the remaining 10-15%, then charge until full. This will move all the cells in the battery, so it always excellent condition.
 Battery or laptops do not get hit much less fall. Do not also be saved / weighted down with heavy objects, because it will be vulnerable to short-circuit / short circuit, causing overheating.

 Avoid contact with water. Know your own risk. Although it will be dried and used again, mildew and corrosion will eat away at the battery itself physically.

 Always use original battery and charger. Of the original is more guaranteed quality?

 If longer use the laptop without the battery, keep the voltage stable electricity in our homes. The trick is to use a stabilizer. If no stabilizer, preferably replacing it wrote. Battery life is not worth the price of laptop damage! Better to use UPS, so when a sudden power failure, the laptop is still alive and we still had time to shutdown.

 If the laptop is often on-off, should not be turned off, better sleep mode only. Because the power needed to light up when the laptop is lower than the first time turn on the laptop.

 Use the power management control panel. Set brightness below 50%, do not use weird screen saver, and use the blank as the most economical power, set the time not too long. Set also the maximum power position.

Please use your laptop wisely, so you enjoy your time with your laptop. 

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