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Choosing a mobile phone for Internet

In accordance with the trend in the use of smart telpun lead kelayanan the data we need a gadget that qualified for quick browsing. Of the many outstanding smart phone would each have the spec and the performance is different. You can use the suggestions listed below:

Powerful processor
The first consideration in choosing a cellular phone that surf is easy to get a cell phone has a powerful processor. 
In this case the dual core processor is adequate. The most obvious benefits of having a dual-core processors allow for smart phones can do things faster, more efficiently and effectively.

With dual core, then the mobile phone can process two actions at once, which means it's easier for the operating system to perform many-intensive applications or browsing.

But from the information I can from various sources, both from print and electronic media, that which will appear next year plans to be carrying any HP Smart Quad Core processors. 
Quad-Core processors for the S4 Snapdragon family will adopt the four core ARM Cortex and will run up to speeds of 2.5 GHz.  Qualcomm will also instill the family of Adreno graphics processing, Adreno 320, into the processor. Adreno 320 will support DirectX 9 which is the standard minimum standards for windows 8.

The existence of Bundling Package
Many telepun smart is currently sold by the Operator Bundling program. 
Bundling with features you do not need to be bothered with all sorts of things about the service related data to the network Internet connection. Moreover, a fairly voracious gedget Android will consume data.Some are providing data services for free for 3 months, 6 months, even 12 months. So, you can optimize all kinds of sophistication and existing applications in the smart phone.

Data Connection
What also needs to be considered is the completeness of the data connection facilities it has. 
Starting from the connection HSUPA, HSDPA up to WI-FI. In CDMA networks, also known as EVDO technology. Currently 3.5 G technology is still a trend for most users, but the future is set up advanced technology which is the fourth-generation 4G technology alias.

While HSDPA is only presenting the speed to 21 Mbps with 4G technologies like WiMAX or LTE wireless technology then this would strongly support the use of 4G technology. 
Wimax or LTE allows for a quick surf, video streaming and video conferencing. With ample power, enabling WiMAX devices are brought into a state of moving with a speed of 150-200 km / h while the data transfer speeds up to 54 Mbps.

Screen Size
Make sure you have a smart telepun the big screen. 
The larger screen will make you more easily and comfortably in the opening web page. But to remember is that a large screen size will make the device battery faster. Moreover, it can be considered also on the resolution and color depth are shown. The greater depth of color, the image presented on your smart phone screen will be more beautiful.

Battery Capacity
Consider when choosing a provider telpun battery capacity. 
Do not get when you're busy scouring the web all of a sudden you smart phone die from loss of power. The larger the mAh capacity, the more stable performance when used for browsing. Some battery-saving applications can also be used as an alternative to the battery is not wasteful. Or you can turn off the data path in advance so it will not drain the battery when the mobile phone is not used for browsing the Internet.

Some of the factors above can be used as a reference for selecting appropriate telpun provider for Internet. There are some new spec will come out ahead. Even then if you still want to be patient to wait for a while. But at least with such criteria, you can determine how worthy gadget than the price offered.

Note: Photos taken with the BlackBerry 9700. Model: Wangyu. Image by Hanna, Bali

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