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Samsung NX200

 Are you ready to create a better picture? Intense competition occurs on digital camera products. Samsung continues to develop mirrorless camera. Meanwhile, Canon has been no signs to make this type of camera as it has been made ​​by Olympus, Sony, Nikon and Panasonic.

Samsung NX200 mirror less camera is the third generation of Samsung. These cameras are updated from the outside to the inside. Even the lens was new. And what is the result? It's Extraordinary. 

Samsung has announced an update to its mirror less NX100 camera. NX200 improved on the original in almost every way, while managing to maintain, looks boxy utilitarian predecessors.

First, the numbers: The APS-C Sensor jump from 14.6MP to 20.3MP, now the camera shootsin RAW mode 7fps than 3fps, ISO 6400 maximum is now 12 800, and video captured at1080p, up from last year's 720p. You can also record video in the present manual and shutter-priority exposure modes. Finally, the body is now magnesium instead of plastic.

Samsung NX200 specifications:

-The new CMOS sensor 20.3 megapixel resolution which is developed by Samsung.
- Supports all Samsung NX lens, 1.5 x crop factor. Marketed following new 18-   55mm lens that features Optical Image Stabilizer and i-Function.
- The new body design with a metal material.
- 3-inch AMOLED display resolution dot 614.000.
- ISO range of 100-12800.
- There is no built-in flash, but marketed by mini flash hot shoe which can be fitted on. HotshoeNX200 is a universal type.
- Continuous shot mode up to 7 frames per second.
- Panorama Mode.
- 10 "Smart Filter" and 13 "Magic Frame".
- Video recording Full HD 1920 x 1080 (30 fps) with stereo audio.
- SD / SDHC / SDXC card slot.
- Optional GPS module.
- HDMI output.

You can use Samsung NX200 to capture the perfect picture, no matter the speed of the subject. High Speed Capture can take sequential pictures at 7fps, so keeping up with the action also means unparalleled images. And the all-new autofocus algorithm makes it simple to get those rich, high-quality shots in an instant.

Samsung NEX200 and  lenses (Image:
This camera can take photos in any light at any speed-and get the shot. The NX200 can shoot high as 12800 ISO at normal settings, so even in low light, high-speed photos minimal noise and blurring. Or expand the range to maximize the potential of available light, for natural-looking images indoors or at night.

Do you like this camera? 

Of course the final decision is yours; sophisticated cameras will continue to exist in the nearest camera store and a trusted online store on the Internet.

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