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Are you the person who is not interested in changing from laptop to Tablet PC users? Although it has so many outstanding brands of Tablet PCs in the computer market in various malls and online store, but not everyone feels comfortable using it. You may also not like the netbook because the ability and speed is not as fast as a laptop. Now you do not need to worry because you can switch from a thick laptop to a new gadget called the Ultrabook.
      What are your imagination and what you would get from Ultrabook, which is said to be a serious rival of Apple products, McBook Air.
   In the market you will find Ultrabook from Sony, Acer, Asus, Fujitsu and many other well known manufacturers of low-cost Ultrabook from China or Taiwan.

Thin, lightweight, small and powerful; that picture of an Ultrabook. Although the current price ultrabook not cheap, new genres like the McBook Air Apple Inc. This turned out to get a warm welcome. Not a few people are interested in the very thin dimension with light weight. 

Moreover, the benefits are felt more complete with a pretty good performance too. Are you interested in? There are several things to consider if you want to choose an ultrabook.

 This is the first time you noticed a product. An ultrabook is your loyal friend. These objects are designed in such a way as to present and perform at your side. Where ever you go whether it's at a restaurant, café, or at the board room table, in front of important clients. 

Ultrabook designed for comfortable use. Dimensions are thin, light weight and instant-on feature is its flagship. However, make sure that you are completely comfortable. Is instant-on function working properly? Is the screen big enough?
    Hold and try before you buy is important. Is the keyboard and touchpad is comfortable to navigate? Is it comfortable to operate Ultrabook? Is easy to handle, or put in a bag? Remember, once again, a convenient ultrabook are appropriately used.

This one does not seem to matter much. Given the ULV Core i5 used in ultrabook able to provide performance similar to Core i5 Arrandale (first generation), this has a higher clock. So, it should be, even ultrabook version i3 can provide high performance.

Capacity vs. Speed
Currently there are two approaches to obtain instant-on. The first approach is to use the SSD only. While the second way is to use the SSD caching. The second way requires a small SSD and HDD large. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the choices you have.
    "Pure" SSD: Of course, this is a good choice in terms of performance and durability. In addition to allowing instant-on, SSD also makes the system performance increased dramatically compared to the use of HDD only. However, the price of 120 GB SSD is very expensive. This will make ultrabook be expensive and storage capacity to be mediocre. Are you willing bartered with a capacity of performance (and still add a little more money)?
   "Hybrid" SSD + HDD: This is the choice of trying to combine the advantages of the two sides (SSD and HDD). The uses of SSD as a cache drive to make the system performance quite significantly higher than the HDD only. Although still below the pure implementation of the SSD, Hybrid system is still able to provide instant-on in very short time. Another advantage is that still use the HDD, the storage capacity remains large (320 GB or more) and still maintained a low price. This is possible because in most cases the size of the SSD to cache only around 20-32 GB drives only.

Battery Life
   All manufacturers will display the rating of battery life. Since ultrabook early version has a target of 5 hours, so the producers were just going to offer a battery life in the range of 5 hours. If anyone can reach over 5 hours, it is an interesting bonus. Note also that each manufacturer will provide a battery life rating is different for different specifications. Example: ultrabook only with SSD will have a rating of battery life a little better.
    Of course, the price will be a consideration. After reviewing the aspects mentioned above, determine which one fits your pocket. There are a few things to remember about the price. Intel has said that the party ultrabook should be offered at a price below USD1.000. Meanwhile, the next statement is ultrabook that today is the first stage. Next year, there will be a second stage ultrabook certainly more sophisticated. And the third phase would be followed quickly. So, our advice, do not buy too expensive, considering ultrabook will soon be upgraded. 
So in terms of price, choose one that still offers superior standards ultrabook but not priced too high.

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