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Internet Facts

Internet, it must be admitted, is the most phenomenal product in the modern age. The Internet has changed the way people communicate, businesses, pay bills, exchange information, data, photo, entertainment, politics, and many more can be done. In some ways, the Internet has become a part of life. In the future the Internet will become an integral part of human beings, corporations and governments around the world.

Thanks to the Internet, the computer has grown not only in the form of PCs and laptops, we also look at and have been using cellular phone rapidly evolving into a smart phone in a wide range of technologies and operating system, a variety that is used as you find on a BlackBerry, Android phoneiPhone, Nokia, Sony, and so forth.

There are many other interesting facts related to the Internet. There is an astonishing fact that may not have thought so far as mentioned below:
1. If all the information circulating on the Internet in one day recorded on a DVD, you have to provide 168 million DVDs. And that's just for recording data in a single day. 168 million DVDs, if kept at home, how many rooms have you?

2. In one day, there are 294 billion E-Mail is sent. If the email is in the form of regular mail, the post office the United States will spend over two years to process the letters.

3. Every day there are 2 million posts, or writing on a blog created and published. Or writing on the blog post could fill the magazine Time for 770 years without stopping.

4. Every day there are 172 million users who visit Facebook, 40 million are twittering onTwitter, LinkedIn 22 million to 20 million to Google +, and the other Web is still a lot.

5. Every day there are 532 million Facebook status is updated in

6. Every day there are 250 million photos were uploaded on Facebook. If the photos are printed and stacked, the height will be equivalent to 80 Eiffel towers.

 The Internet has made ​​communication faster, people around the world are now connected to each other. Are all human affairs and the business can be completed on the Internet just like that? Humans still need personal relationships and face to face meetings because humans are social creatures. 

Although there are means of facebook, twitter and so on, we still need to be shaking hands, hugging and chatting at home, in cafes or on vacation to Bali while enjoying the natural beauty, the friendliness of people in other parts of the world. 

However, you can use the Internet in your smart phone to make an appointment. Make sure that the Internet will not make you lose the human touch and a real social relationships.

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