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Siri a New Trend: Voice Command

There will be a trend in 2012 and will continue later with a heavy flow. Trends include: a wide range of applications of social networking Twitter will grow as well as a number of mobile photo-sharing applications. Meanwhile, the growth of Facebook users and Foursquare was predicted to slow down. Twitter will increasingly be used for personal needs, business, politics, entertainment, celebrities and new users among teenagers.

There are many information technology companies that will go into the stock market to obtain funds from investors. Last year there was an entry into the stock market, among others, Groupon, LinkedIn and Zynga. You, who have expertise in information technology and business talent, now are the time you move and who knows become billionaires in the IT field.

If you have a lot of data, then you can rely on cloud computing. There are many companies that will move the data and important information from the file cabinets and server to a web-based server. If the data is moved to the method of computing clouds, it is believed to occur in significant savings and benefits from an operational perspective. However there is still doubt, whether cloud computing is already secured? Of course the experts will continue to improve the safety standards of this remarkable trend.

You are interested in turning away from a laptop or notebook into a Tablet PC? You must wait, even a lot of Tablet PC at a very affordable price. There are many companies has developed the latest generation Android Tablet PC. India already produces tablets for 35 U.S. Wow.

Voice command
Steve Jobs had presented late Siri, voice commands, a remarkable feature. This attracted many people to use this great feature. Siri is a revolution from Apple. This feature will be installed on the iPhone, iPad, a new version of the iMac and the Apple TV. Admirer of Steve Jobs and Apple products must have been waiting for a product with this feature. Other companies would not want to miss and is definitely going to put this feature in their latest products such as PCs, notebooks, laptops, tablet PCs and smart phones based on Android and other systems.
With this feature, your voice has great power to give orders to every tool and gadget that you use. Think about what you will give orders to the tablet and your other gadgets? It would have been nice to have a powerful tool with the features of this vote because your fingers will avoid injury from the use of keyboards you've been doing. What is the price the iPad or Tablet PC with this sophisticated feature? Let's wait; hopefully we can buy cheaply at your favorite store or online store.

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