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Do you still looking for a new digital camera? You will be happy to hear this news, because
digital equipment manufacturers from Japan, Canon, issued a new camera,
the latest pocket camera product that is named "Canon PowerShot G1X" it adopted the use of large-sized CMOS sensor to produce a clean, sharp images .

This camera is released for photographers who need a more compact and light weight camera, but with the character and quality of the image that resembles a DSLR camera. HDR Shooting has been included to ensure the best possible shot is captured as well. The PowerShot G1 X camera also shoots in Full HD 1080p video ensuring memorable moments are captured in the highest quality.

 You will enjoy to use Canon PowerShot G1X because equiped with 14.3 megapixel resolution, DIGIC processor 5, and HS-tech sensors that do not experience any obstacles in the dark room.

By using DIGIC processor 5, the HS system, and ISO speed can be increased to 12,800 with a fixed low-noise, then shooting at low light conditions without the aid of flash or a tripod and fast-moving subjects is not a problem anymore.

This camera is able to break through the limits of compact cameras available today. Moreover, the Canon PowerShot G1X armed with UA lens technology that features a wide aperture f/2.8 and up to four times optical zoom equivalent to 28-112 mm can work effectively in accordance with shooting conditions.

The camera also offers the option to record images in RAW and JPEG formats simultaneously. RAW files with 14-bit color depth produce a richer image data for image processing flexibility is higher when the process of editing. With the latest DIGIC processor 5, the camera was able to shoot straight up the subject movement speed of 6 frames per second or 4.5 frames per second at full resolution.

What do you think? Will you consider this camera to replace your old camera? You can find out about other pocket camera from Samsung, Nikon Coolpix, BenQ, Panasonic Lumix and other brands like Sony and Olympus also available in the market.

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