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Samsung Projection Phone

Whether you're looking for a new smartphone with a unique ability? Samsung gives you the answer to the challenge. Samsung Galaxy Beam is an Android smartphone other than on the other, where the smartphone is equipped with a projector. Nikon has launched a camera with a projector. Samsung Beam is now present as a smartphone with a projector and camera must be equipped. You also get a complete mix, a cellular phone with camera and projector. Apart from that, the Galaxy Beam is also equipped with dual core processors.

Samsung Galaxy Beam uses a powerful 15 lumens projector, in other words, the user of this projector can display images at 50-inch High Definition. This smartphone is capable of displaying a resolution HD (640 x 360) pixels. And it seems very appropriate for your business activities. 

Samsung claims that the Galaxy Beam is a smartphone which features the world's thinnest projector, which comes with this phonehas a thickness of only 12.5 millimeters.

Samsung Galaxy Beam, among others, has a 4-inch screen WVGA800 x 480 pixels, and has been equipped with a 5MP camera sensor on the back, and the camera has the ability to record 720p video, and Beam is also equipped with 1.3MP front camera. Galaxy Beam provides storage capacity of 8 GB which has been supplied with a microSD card expansion slot. There are currently no informsi about the price of this projection smartphone.

Now you can look different with the Samsung Beam, with a 5 MP camera and projector, you can display the photos you take to the screen on the wall, you can even play your game, so your friends and family can watch you to play games with this unique smartphone.

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