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New iPad

Tim Cook, Apple's new boss, finally launched iPad3, exactly one year five days after the iPad 2 was launched. Apple once again held a big party at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco. There is only a single agenda in the event that the launch of the latest generation of Apple tablet. The name is iPad, iPad only no-frills 3 or HD behind that name as long as this rumor. Apple boss, Tim Cook called it "The New iPad". Many argue, is more suitable HD iPad, one of the features you'll enjoy the equivalent quadruples resolution Retina Display: 2048 x 1536.

Throughout the presentation, Cook uses many adjectives, such as "slick", "extraordinary", "attractive", even "delicious" to describe The New iPad. He wants consumers to believe that the iPad is better than the other tablets. That is why, iPad tablet world market leader. Samsung Galaxy and other tablet makers must always be to innovate if they want to beat the iPad.
The key to success of Apple is always trying to deliver the best technology for the users of iPad, not least for The New iPad. Look diusungnya 5 megapixel camera, capable of recording high definition video, 1.080p. The tablet is running on a 4G LTE network is far more toned.

There are also dual-core processors is coded A5X, voice command features, and is the most phenomenal displays of 2048 x 1536. The highest current. Beyond the incredible technology that displays some of the features in The New iPad have started to use its rival.
Samsung Galaxy Tab has adopted a 4G connection. Asus Transformer Pad 300 reinforced quad-core chips. Both have a high megapixel camera. Yet Apple is still a market share of the margin is quite far from its rival. Therefore, Apple always brings the latest technology.

The late Steve Jobs once said, "The only reason why we made this product the product is better than the one in the market." Apple seems to want to keep that tradition. This was seen in the form of The New iPad, which will go on sale on 16 March.
In his presentation, Cook also "sold out" Apple's success with its product. Last year Apple had sold 172 million iPhone, iPad, and iPod. There are 315 million devices that use the Apple operating system, IOS. As of January this year, Apple had sold 55 million worldwide iPad.

IPad is now the third generation was launched. With some improvements, including processor speed, graphics, and high definition displays, and there have been 20 applications from developers and ready to pamper you.
The 20 application are: the New York Times for iPad (application for reading the newspaper The New York Times), Day One (journals and text recorder connected iCloud), StockTouch (monitoring financial data, including stock), Amazon Kindle ( application for reading text books or magazines), Calcbot (calculator application), and Evernote (text note-taking application).

Applications guide is Star Walk (atronomi integrator), Solar Walk (model solar system in 3D format), Barefoot World Atlas (globe of the world in 3D format), to Martha Stewart Cookies (a guide to make the cake).
Applications that are categorized as games and social media, among others, Joining Hands (puzzle game), Diamond Dash (games like tetris box set), Labyrinth 2 HD (pinball game), Foosball HD (Fussball game), Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy and Flight Control Rocket (airplane game), and Tweetbot (like Tweetie specifically for iPad users).

Editing applications that SketchBook Pro (application for drawing on the screen IPAD), IncrediBooth (photo editing application), and iStopMotion (video editing applications). You as an active user of social networking program, then Facebook, Flipboard, The Daily, and Wired are the applications that will be present to users the new iPad.
Are you soon going to change your tablet PC with iPad3 or The New iPad?

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