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PowerShot N, Canon's new and unique camera

Canon PowerShot N camera, new Canon PowerShot N

Do you often use Istagram? Now there is a well-known camera manufacturer to answer your needs. Canon has announced the PowerShot N, specially designed compact cameras in the days of Instagram users. Istagram has inspired Canon to anticipate and encourage creative exploration instantly share photos of life at any time of the day. PowerShot N is equipped with an enhanced wireless capability.

Canon PowerShot N was able to connect the camera directly to a variety of mobile devices, so users can instantly upload and comment on their images. You can use Wi-Fi to instantly upload photos to facebook, twitter and other social media. With this capability, you can still exist in social media with ease.
New Canon PowerShot N camera, canon digital camera

Canon PowerShot N constructed with a touch screen that can be repositioned, and a lens zoom control and shutter release with. Canon equips this camera with one-touch Wi-Fi connection so that makes it easy to upload photos and video to a smartphone and internet. To extend the capabilities beyond that of a smartphone, the PowerShot N has a lens 28-224mm (equivalent) and a 12MP CMOS sensor that works with the DIGIC 5 processor, Canon's latest sensor is also used in other Canon cameras.

If you use this unique camera, you can be creative to create artistic images despite the size of this camera is small and light, measuring approximately 3.09 x 2.37 x 1.15 inches. You can add a variety of artistic effects. Canon PowerShot N is also equipped with an image stabilizer. The camera is equipped with a 2.8-inch tilt LCD capacitive touch panel, which offers 90 degrees of tilt, encouraging users to capture images from different angles and positions effectively in almost any location.

Canon PowerShot N specification:
  • Unique design
  • Creative Shot
  • 8x zoom, 28mm lens; Intelligent IS
  • HS System: 12.1 MP CMOS sensor, DIGIC 5
  • Wi-Fi; GPS via mobile
  • Mobile Device Connect Button
  • Any Way Up operation; Tilt-up touchscreen
  • Full HD video capture
  • Hybrid Auto; Smart Auto (58 scenes)

 Competition in the world of digital cameras so tight has forced Canon to find a way to maintain a compact camera that remain relevant to the changing times, especially since many users prefer to use their smartphone to take pictures of daily activities or to photograph the spontaneous events.

Now you have a sophisticated alternative camera from Canon, so you can freely and actively in all situations.

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