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Samsung Galaxy S4

Rumours of the arrival of the Galaxy S4 makes much of a fan-made gadget Samsung wants to know more specifics leaks. Samsung Galaxy 4 will be equipped with a 10 megapixel camera. It is not possible if Samsung will immerse megapixel camera with a fairly large. More recently, his competitors had already released a smartphone with a camera an average of 13 megapixels. Just look at the Sony Xperia Z, ZTE and Huawei Ascend D2 Grand S. But of course the leak or rumour is still not verified. Samsung has so far not given a response to this report.

The successor to the Galaxy S III is one of the most anticipated Android smartphone of his birth this year. It's quite a lot of rumours about the features of the Galaxy S IV have flooded cyberspace. Fans were certainly hope Samsung S IV has better ability than its predecessor.

What are the unique features on Samsung Galaxy S4?

 Using premium materials: Galaxy S series is a top-class smartphones are usually priced expensive in the early days of marketing. But pretty much regretted only made of plastic material. On the one hand, the material of the plastic might make lighter weight and other benefits.
Samsung Galaxy S4, smartphone, new samsung smartphone

In fact, the possibility of easily scratched plastic material or change colour if it is not protected casing. So expect a new generation of materials Galaxy S upgraded.
Last year, Samsung has been speculated use of ceramic materials for the Galaxy S III although it was not a reality. Galaxy S III remained predominantly made of plastic as its predecessor.

 Big screen: Some smartphones latest edition bears the full high-definition screen that promises super bright display. Resolution reaches 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Galaxy S series usually brings the latest technology when launched. So, we hope to see the Galaxy S IV using full-screen high-definition possibilities can become a reality. In addition to carrying the bright screen technology, its size was supposed to be getting bigger. Reportedly, the Galaxy S IV will wear 5 inch landscape display.
Large screen smartphone is increasingly in demand lately. This type of smart phone is more convenient to view multimedia content, playing games or browsing on the Internet.
new smartphone, Samsung smartphone camera

Equipped with sophisticated hardware: Hardware is more stable as has become imperative for the Galaxy S IV. The competitors will surely equip their products with the best hardware. If any are still quad-core processor, the power is expected to increase from the previous generation, For example, with a clock speed of 1.8 GHz or 2 GHz, And at least 3GB of RAM.

There is speculation Samsung will embed the latest generation processor for the Galaxy S IV. That Exynos 5 Octa has a total of 8 cores as a 'weapon'. Actually, the more accurate is the use of two quad-core processors based on the Cortex-A15 and Cortex-A7 are packaged as a SoC (Single on Chip).

Super-sophisticated camera: Camera increasingly sophisticated smartphones lately. And more and more people rely on it more than using a pocket camera. So Galaxy S IV was expected to bring technology capable. In addition to the higher resolution, it is also able to take good pictures with a variety of conditions.
A competitor like Sony has used 13 megapixel cameras to its current smartphone, the Xperia Z. Similarly, Nokia is enabling technology in handsets Lumia PureView for brilliant picture quality. So that Samsung was expected to not mess with the camera on the Galaxy S IV. Or be threatened by rivals it.

Sexy Features: Galaxy S Series is the pride of the Samsung flagship phone. Usually, Samsung buried a few innovative features that make it superior to competitors claimed. Last year, the Galaxy S III has sizable innovation in the software sector. Stay Smart features such as presence, Direct Call, Pop up play and so on. Galaxy S IV is expected to bring better innovation. Or the ability of S Pen stylus likes the one on the Galaxy Note. Let's wait what kind of innovations that were presented to the Galaxy S IV.

If the Samsung Galaxy S4 appears on this month, Apple may be getting dizzy compete with Samsung and other Android products. There was a survey in the United States that makes Apple surprised because teenager in the land of Uncle Sam is likely to choose Samsung Galaxy than the iPad or iPhone. Meanwhile, BlackBerry 10 will also overshadow the iPhone 5 or iPhone 6? What will happen? We'll see.

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