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Battery saving tips for the Samsung Galaxy S3

Many people complain that gadgets like the BlackBerry are less energy efficient. The battery of the BlackBerry and other smartphones rapidly declined. Apparently battery Samsung Galaxy S3 is also less efficient. Although wasteful, it turns out the Samsung Galaxy S3 is more efficient battery compared to some other smartphones such as iPhone 4S, HTC One X, Sony Xperia, Motorola and other brands (see graphic). If you are using the Samsung Galaxy S3, then you are more fortunate than smartphone users who choose other brands. 

Maybe you are also experiencing the same problem. You do not need to worry because there are ways to solve the problem. I wanted to share the tips that can also be used for other android smartphone that batteries can last longer, are as follows below:

1. Turn off Wi-Fi Connection when not needed or use the frequencies to 2.4 GHz only how: Go to the settings menu - Wireless and network - Advanced
2. Turn off Bluetooth: Enter manually to Settings> Bluetooth
3. Turn off the feature NFC, Sbeam, and Wi-Fi Direct way: Setting - Wireless and network - More Settings
4. Use one of the cellular signal just do not use a dual mode because it will drain energy from batteries as use GSM or WCDMA Only.
5. Turn off Vibration, Keytones, sound Touch, Screen Lock Sound, and Haptic Feedback to use as needed.
6. Adjust the screen brightness to the minimum position if possible
7. Do not use animated wallpapers
8. Use a manual task killer do not use the auto
9. Go to settings select battery to suit your needs.

If you are serious as a user of Samsung Galaxy S3, then you needs to know the list of mandatory application for the Samsung Galaxy S3, 100% is not really mandatory, but are recommended applications. You can choose several important applications, so you can be maximized when using your Samsung Galaxy S3.

AirDroid: function to transfer files from the phone to the PC through our web access
AnTuTu Bechmark: from the name alone we already know that this app to check benmarch
Language Dictionary: A dictionary of English 
Color Note: The function to write notes
Cool Reader: large screen applications must be supported by competent reader can read PDF, DOC, epub, mobi
CPU Spy: see which applications are running in the Deep Sleep mode
Easy Battery Save: monitor the battery's performance and battery using.
Flipboard: the function is mainly to monitor news and social networking.
Google Chrome: It must have known that this artificial Google browser
Instagram: The application is a phenomenal start-up recently acquired by Facebook for 1 Billion U.S. Dollar.

The rest you can find yourself in the Android Market or Google Play Store, so you are satisfied as a user of Samsung Galaxy S3.

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