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Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100

Samsung is back with its innovative products. This time, Samsung presents Samsung Galaxy GC100 with cameras equipped with the Android platform version 4.1, Jelly Bean. This camera is an unusual blend of photography and smartphone capabilities.

This camera comes from Samsung passion that meets the needs of photo, edit and share the time as soon as possible. The device combines high performance photography with the latest Android platform Jelly Bean and wireless network connections.

Samsung Galaxy GC100 comes with a powerful lens 21X optical zoom that can be controlled via the keypad or touch screen. While the illumination sensor 16 MP BSI CMOS decisive display sharp images. Display screen 4.8 inch Super Clear LCD HD provides convenient capturing, editing, and sharing with a touch on LCD screen.

To capture an image, its Smart Pro's in this device makes professional photography can be done by anyone, even if you are a beginner photographer. There a Rich Tone setting in this unique camera. This feature can be used to produce images with greater intensity, and reduce over-exposure in bright environments, and Trace Light mode to automatically set the shutter speed for the conditions at night or low light conditions. 

You can also use the Blue Sky mode feature on the light conditions to produce a clear sky.

To edit an image, Galaxy Camera is equipped with Smart Content Manager that can categorize the image to fit the theme and momentum. You will be satisfied with 35 pictures in a photo editing features Wizard so that you can freely modify the image quality and making creative photos with image editing features that are unique.

You can also use the Auto Cloud. This feature allows you to save photos automatically on cloud computing services via Samsung AllShare. After you take a picture, you can choose Share Shot to be divided into the nearest through social networking. Sharing capabilities supported with 1.4 GHz quad core processor.

There is one unique feature: Best Face, so that one time you press the shutter button, then you get shot 8 times, so you can choose the best picture or pictures you like the most. In addition to shooting moving images, the camera is also capable of playing back HD video with features gently Slow Motion Video. The quality of this camera records reach 120fps.

Samsung Galaxy GC100 camera is very unique because you will get the smartphone features that do not exist in the camera and the camera features that do not exist on the smartphone. Connectivity allows the camera is capable of running on a 3G or 4G and Wi-Fi. 8 GB of memory is provided. 

Samsung Camera is certainly very appropriate for young children or anyone who is young at heart and active in social media. Any photos you can share with all 3 G, 4G or even use Wi-Fi, so you will always exist in social networks without having to use a laptop or PC.

This Samsung camera you can use immediately. If you are in the UK, this camera has been officially sold since 5 November at a price of 399 pounds. 

Are you going to England? Do not worry, soon you visit a camera shop in your town. You can also buy Samsung Galaxy Camera at the Internet online.

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