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Is RIM could rise with the launch of the BlackBerry 10?

Are you a loyal BlackBerry user? RIM, the Canadian smartphone manufacturer will launch the BlackBerry smartphone London and Nevada into the European market in the first week of January 2013.

RIM uses the name "London" and "Nevada" in accordance with the initial two BlackBerry 10 phones, the "L-Series" that relies on a touchscreen interface and the "N-Series" that still use QWERTY keyboard. RIM also has plans to release a 4G version of the BlackBerry PlayBook in late 2012. 10 of Playbook OS version will follow after the series launched officially released BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

There is also a device code-named "Nashville" that would slide in the second or third quarter of 2013. RIM has other tablet projects with code "Blackforest" which has a 10-inch screen and a storage capacity of 128 GB. Blackforest tablet is scheduled for launch in the third quarter of 2013.

BlackBerry had experienced a drop in sales, and failed to compete with the iPhone and smartphones based on Android, even now been challenged by Microsoft with the latest products, Windows Phone. If RIM wants to compete must have a specific strategy. To be successful in the market, BB 10 must have a good ecosystem, so RIM strongly encourages the developer to create applications based BB 10.

To achieve these goals, RIM held a competition making application for BlackBerry 10. The winner will get a prize BlackBerry 10 limited version. Wow. The developer was able to submit an application for approval 10 BB from 10 October to 21 January 2013. Developers who successfully meet the targets promised RIM will get a limited version of the prize. Are you interested in a limited edition of the prize?

There are 6 versions BlackBerry 10

RIM is rumored to have set up six devices with the launch of the operating system. The six devices will be to market entry-level, mid, and high-end. Pocket-lint managed to get access to two of the six smartphone devices.

Although the design is different from alpha dev tools are distributed to the BlackBerry application developers currently lasts 10 hours, prepared a RIM smartphone is designed as an all-touch device with a screen resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.

The second Smartphone reported by Pocket-lint RIM still offers advantages in presenting quality QWERTY keyboard. Juxtaposed with touch screen resolution 720 x 720 pixels, the smartphone is ready to provide operating experience that is similar to the BlackBerry Bold 9900. 

In addition to a series of new features buried BlackBerry 10, RIM has reportedly finalizing the design of both hardware prototype smartphone. Now, they go on to testing by RIM and the operators are expected to be completed near its release date in 2013.

Can BlackBerry success in 2013? Are RIM’s products will only succeed in Indonesia? Let us look forward to these products with ease while drinking a cup of Kopi Luwak or organic coffee in Bali.

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