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Sony Alpha A99, the first DSLT Full-Frame Camera

We know Sony as an electronics maker that is very innovative in the world. Of course you also know that Sony's smartphone products are highly regarded by its competitors. Sony is also increasingly known for its camera. In addition to producing point and shoot camera or compact cameras, and Mirrorless camera, Sony also serious to produce a semi-professional camera and professional camera.

Sony Alpha A99 camera, DSLT camera
 Now Sony makes a surprise since Sony released the new Sony Alpha A99 camera. Camera Sony Alpha A99 comes with an impressive 24.3 Megapixel resolution with support Bions processor that can produce perfect image quality and detail. Apparently Sony Alpha A99 is a Full-Frame camera DSLT*) first in the world. This is a very exciting development for the photographer who had been in the vortex of Digital SLR cameras that you already know Canon and Nikon.  

Sony Alpha A99 camera also uses super advanced technology with the technology translucent Mirror reflected light can penetrate 70% and reflects 30% of light to the phase detection AF sensor.

Unlike other full frame camera, the Sony Alpha A99 is a full frame camera that carries the world's first Translucent Mirror Technology. Armed with Exmor R CMOS sensor resolution of 24.3 megapixels, this camera is also supported by the BIONZ processor for image processing and video support.
Sony Alpha A99 camera, DSLT Full Frame camera, Sony camera
 The use of technology and BIONZ processor Translucent Mirror Sony Alpha A99 makes can shoot at speeds up to 10fps, produces RAW images with 14-bit output, and can record video in Full HD resolution and has a high sensitivity up to ISO 25,600.

Sony's new technologies do not forget presented. Like for example autofocus system that carries the dual AF. Dual AF focus system combines 19 points with phase detection autofocus sensor that can determine a continuous focus. As a result, Sony Alpha A99 can focus very quickly and accurately.
 The camera is also equipped with autofocus AF-D feature that allows you to define a continuous focus for easy shooting a moving subject. This new feature is suitable and can be used with a range of Sony lenses as Sony SAL2470Z, SAL2875, SAL50F14, SAL300F28G2, SAL70400G and SAL500F4G. With the latest firmware update, Sony will increase the number of lenses will support autofocus AF-D feature.  

To compose a photo, the Sony Alpha A99 is equipped with an electric aperture XGA OLED Tru-Finder as you find on the Sony NEX-7 and the flexible LCD screen that can be folded and rotated to shoot with an extreme angle. Shooting can be done in various locations whatsoever.
Sony Alpha A99 DSLT camera, full frame camera

If you want to make a video or a movie, the Sony Alpha A99 is designed for optimal video recording. The camera is equipped with anti-noisy multi-controller on the front body, and 2 memory card slot that supports Memory Stick Pro Duo and SD / SDHC / SDXC. Both slots may be used directly in the recording video simultaneously. If one has the storage media is full, the camera will automatically switch to a second storage media without disturbing the camera to stop filming.

Sony Alpha A99 marketed in October 2012 with a price tag of U.S. $ 2,800 (body, without lens). The prices are quite competitive. You can compare it with other full frame cameras from Nikon and Canon.

*) SLT stands for "Single Lens Translucent", with the cameras incorporating TMT (Translucent Mirror Technology), a translucent mirror that allows roughly 70% of the light entering through the lens to pass directly through it and onto the imaging sensor, while a smaller amount, around 30% is reflected up to the camera's phase detection autofocus (AF) sensor. This means that the mirror, rather than flipping out of the way as in a traditional SLR camera, remains fixed in place, speeding up the time taken to record a shot and allowing for fast, full-time phase detection AF.
Other advantages of the design include less camera shake due to the mirror not moving, no viewfinder blackout during shooting, and settings such as exposure compensation and ISO can be more easily viewed on the electronic viewfinder. (The terms and explanations of SLT quoted from

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